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Vonette Lanier is a writer, educator, devoted single mother, garden enthusiast, founder and editor of What’s Within You Magazine, and lover of writings that validate the experiences of African Americans.

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  1. Some relationships are in our lives for a certain seasons. I agree and can relate to your story. Those who are meant to stay in our lives will be there through all seasons.

  2. At the time a friendship dwindles it hurts really bad. It might take years to feel better and to realize that you already moved on to a different place.

    • Hi Katie,

      I have definitiely grown from the situation and realize it is more than okay when peope leave my life.

  3. This was so refreshing to read as I have had similar experiences &, thankfully, understood that many of my close friendships ended because they were only for a season. I attempted to write a poem to my friends expressing this exact sentiment, but I never finished it. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to 🧐. Seasons. Thanks for sharing so transparently.

    • Thank you Mona! I am so glad you could relate. For a long time, I felt like I was the only who felt this way but as I shared my story and others shared with me, I learned frienships end all the time and the most we can do is wish the person well and move on.

  4. I need reminders that “…to everything there is a season…”
    Remembering that can make the end less heart wrenching. Daffodils bloom in late March and April and then their turn is over and the lilacs take the stage…

  5. Thank you for telling my story; I too had to learn about the ‘seasons’ of friendships in life. I no longer cry when they are over, instead, I smile because they happened.

  6. I definitely empathize with you as I went through this twice in my life. I had to learn about the “seasons” and everyone can’t be the friend you are.
    Currently, I’m the season of learning to be a better friend to myself.

    • I think learning to be a better friend for me means setting healthy boundaries. Blessings for your ‘self-friending’.

  7. I totally agree with you, some friendship are not Lifetime. They’re seasonal friendship I had learn that as well the hard way actually.

  8. Hi P,
    Good for you! One other point I was trying to make is to always choose yourself in any relationship or friendship that is not working out anymore beause there will always be other friends-better friends!

  9. Wow, to read this and know that I pretty much went thru the same thing. I understand the hurt. I also understand better how things never stay the same. No matter how much we want to hold on to “forever”, life goes on.

  10. I’ve been in the same position. I’ve learned to accept that seasons just change, and to embrace every season.

  11. Gm! Before I read on, I was thinking the same thing. Seasons come and seasons change. Cherish what you had and what you learned from it. I still think, if God puts her in your heart, still reach out to let her know you were thinking about her and be at peace afterward. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Our journey is about the purpose and with a purpose.

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