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LaShanda Milner is founder/CEO of Mary's Foundation of Hope. A Licensed Professional Counselor, she empowers and walks alongside individuals navigating life’s most difficult moments. LaShanda has deep faith, values family, and is a dedicated wife, mother, and community advocate.

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  1. LaShanda, this all resonated in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing this essential part of your journey with us. I’m soooo with you on recognizing and claiming the need to truly rest our minds, bodies, and spirits more often as women, sans guilt. Hugging and high-fiving you!

  2. Good morning thank you for allowing to read and I read out loud that it’s ok to ADD MYSELF TO MY LIST!! Amen

  3. Good morning. Permission to Rest is like a reflection in the mirror. This is me from the beginning to the end. The only difference is the date in which I loss my mother, March 31, 2022.
    I’m so thankful that you shared.

  4. I was wandering if you were reading my mind and writing my story. What a beautiful story.
    A wonderful sorority sister who is a counselor was tremendous in helping me to understand “boundaries” that allowed me to rest and to reset my mindset.

    • Girlfriend, “boundaries” is my new favorite word, that along with “No”. I’m learning and growing. So glad you have trusted friends to support you- I’ve got a faithful village too! Mfhope.com

  5. I love this and am so thankful for your candid vulnerability and heartfelt transparency! I was diagnosed with breast cancer this time last year and this journey has been nothing short of God’s grace & mercy, and miraculous healing as I am now 7 months cancer-free! But it has left me a changed woman, mentally, physically, emotionally and spirituality. I too have taken a step back from everything and everyone to evaluate and determine what’s essential and necessary for me to live an stress-free life and to give myself permission to rest! The change I long for, from the everyday rat-race is very necessary for my survival and I am on that quest to map out exactly what that looks like according to Gods will for my life! Your testimony gives me courage, strength and hope to believe I too will find a new, calming, more peaceful path to life. Thank you and blessings galore for your new endeavor!

    • Yay you! Congrats on being cancer free- I bet you have a powerful testimony! Keep loving you, girlfriend. I’m learning self-care is critical, especially as we get older, Amen! Mfhope.com

      • “…but I had to own my own contributions that fed into these lies and distortions.”

        This line truly resonated with me; It is such an empowering statement.

        I truly enjoyed reading this and feel very encouraged by it. Thank you!

        • You are welcome! I’ve found recognizing and owning my distorted thinking and beliefs have empowered me to take baby steps toward change/rest. You got this Sis! Mfhope.com

  6. Congratulations sis! Hugs! It’s always great to feel you’re not alone. Excepting myself as I am, it’s helpful to. I’m on a journey to be my best version of myself, but I don’t wanna kill myself in the process. It’s hard for me to live in the present because my mind is always going 1000 mph. i’m putting myself on the list. I step back and rest when I need it regardless of the consequences.

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