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Jamie Grace is a two-time Grammy nominated artist, host of The Jamie Grace Podcast and author of "Finding Quiet." Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Anxiety at a young age, she actively advocates for joy, wellness and mental health. Jamie Grace is a wife and mom in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. I can identify with those anxiety symptoms. I truly turn the TV down or mute it during commercials. I’m a mental health care person with my own dx. I left my Clients home the other day and I had to call my girlfriend to debrief I was in the home too long perception and sensory overload it felt like everything in me was screaming but I got it out of my head ,shed a few tears and proceeded on with my day.
    I can’t afford to shut down for long periods of time been there done that. I am also a hugger, love love them especially genuine hugs.
    Thanks for the transparency
    Thank you

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