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Tammy Lewis is a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years in the healthcare industry. She is a best-selling author, the founder of the Nurse Boss Summit, and most recently founded a non-profit, The Anthony Lewis Foundation for Brain Tumors, Inc. in honor of her late husband.

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  1. Beautiful love story! 32 plus years together with your soulmate is a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Beautiful how you knew from the very first meeting that you met your husband. This story is another way to honor his legacy. May the foundation touch countless of lives. God bless you!

  3. This is an amazing testament of love and hope. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with the world. May God continue to uplift you as you journey on lifting up others!

  4. You are an amazing person and have done an awesome job honoring your husband. We thank you for the many sacrifices that you have made, this is a phenomenal story about love, power and strength!! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

  5. I am in tears right now. My family lost our daughter to Stage 4 GBM in 2020. She was 20 years old. We have various scholarships in her honor but lacking the support for others as she began doing at her diagnosis. Prior to reading this I just clicked on a email about 7/19 being GBM day and click on the different ways to donate, I closed it and moved on b/c my heart is still broken. I don’t always read the mahogany email, pocketing them for another time but not this time. God is moving. Thank you for sharing your story and strength with me today……

  6. I felt like I was reading a synopsis for a lifetime movie. What a beautiful love story. I’ve always said life feel like a movie and everyone has a part to play and this is proof. So whenever the movie ends we will sit down with our cast and crew and Co stars and talk about what a great job we all did in our roles!

  7. Tammy, you had 30+ beautiful years w/ Tony. This was so beautiful n very touching. A love story 2 remember 4 years 2 come. 💘

  8. What an inspiration and a AHA for me! I don’t want to grieve my Big Brother who I call and honor him with the Title Brother Daddy ..who stepped in a Protector Role at 18 years old over his Baby Sister and waited outside the operating room for 10 hours for me..
    So now like you I will honor him ..not grieve him. Thank you for this

  9. I have my Tony too it’s been 31 years that I’ve known him we’ve been married a year and a half. I’m proud of you and I am praying for you.

  10. This love story has brought me to tears! The beauty to be able to experience a love like this a rare and I am so happy you were able to share such a beautiful story. Keeping Tony alive is such a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing how love is more than a word.

  11. God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Despite not knowing you or Tony, I felt so sad reading this and really wish things were different. I am grateful that God knows the plans He has for us. I am thankful that you found additional purpose in a challenging situation. God bless you, Tammy.

  12. Only in prayer and scripture can we come out strong, blessed and free. I know it can’t be “easy,” Tammy, but as we know, “easy” does not accomplish much for others in this life. Welcome to Life, Tammy. I am blessed to be getting to know you, even just a little bit. Grab your light and let’s go!

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