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Pamela Y. Johnson is a global strategist, futurist, thought leader, and social entrepreneur, committed to creating a more equitable future by building sustainable societies and economies through education, mentorship, private-public partnerships, and inclusive redevelopment.

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  1. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! I fully agree that God will heal the broken hearted. Is a grief professional I align with many who are experiencing losses of all kinds. Continue to do the great work that you do. I welcome an opportunity for us to connect.

  2. What a positive perspective on grief. I think I will make a photo collage of those I’ve lost to give me a reference point for my happy tears.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story, ot resonates so deeply with me because I recently lost my Mother as well. What a wonderful suggestion to create a memorable way to keep her close.

    • My deepest condolences to you. May you capture her memory in a manner where you can impart to others the special moments you shared with her.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement. My family and I just recently lost our beloved son/stepson from a senseless act of gun violence and our grief has felt unbearable. Reading your words today have brought comfort to us all and a path towards healing.

    • I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son/stepson. The senseless violence that took his life is a tragedy, and I can only imagine the pain and grief you are feeling right now. May you find the courage to face each day with renewed hope, and may the love of your family and friends help you through this difficult time.

  5. Dear Pamela,

    Your heartfelt story touched me deeply. My sincere condolences to your spiritual mother. Your journey of grief and healing is a testament to the power of love and resilience. Sending you love and support.


  6. This is an excellent article, thank you so much for sharing and imparting your wisdom and knowledge. Many are experiencing loss and have not properly grieved. This article reminds us that there is healing and hope after loss.

  7. What precious words and actions honoring your spiritual mother’s legacy. I appreciate you sharing your story, encouragement and wisdom. My mother made her transition five years ago and her legacy will forever live on. Thank you!

  8. Beautiful, written and how to move forward in grief. Thank you, Pamela Johnson. May your Spiritual mother Legacy remain alive in your writing, journaling and keeping her memories alive in your heart and other ways.

  9. Pam I was dearly embracing your feelings and emotions which were so deeply and beautifully conveyed.

    Reading your article today regarding your spiritual mother, which was my late precious biological sister, is so timely and well written. I greatly appreciate and enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing her profound legacy.

    • A loving and beautiful testament that provides healing, hope amidst pain and loss, You have provided a template for coping with, processing, and celebrating a life despite that grief.

  10. This is such an authentic and loving way to share and heal. To Pam Johnson the author continue to share and allow the Lord to use you to help others.

  11. Pam, the term “good grief” resonates with me and made me realize that when I think about my mom and cry I don’t have to feel bad about grieving. When my tears flow thinking about the beautiful memories of our conversations, the life lessons she taught me, the spiritual foundation that she gave me, and the time we spent together it is just “good grief”. Thank you for sharing.

  12. As someone who lost several close family members and friends over the last 3 years, including my own mother, this hits close to home. I am just getting to the place of beginning to accept this as a reality. I dearly love my mother and her memory will forever live on. Beautiful post!

  13. I was relieved to hear that someone else had similar thoughts about grief like mine. I’ve always embraced keeping an oral and physical history alive for lost family members. I’ve paired that with personal memories, collecting photgraphs and research about my family tree.

    It’s so therapeutic for me to keep their memories alive while documenting for future generations.

    Thank you! You’ve encouraged me to carryon legacies, maintain traditions and honor family members who have left lasting footprints in our lives

  14. Beautiful way to express the sadness of loss but joy brought by memories of our loved ones. Lovely and heartfelt.

  15. I have been rolling around the words “good grief” in my mind for the past few days. Mother’s day I had put all my feelings on a shelf to unpack at a later time, as I cared for my Mom. You inspired me to share memories with my brothers and our friends and family as we gathered around Mom in her final days. Those shared moments now surrounded me as I grieve her passing, and it gave me a good place to start sorting through all that has happened. It is good, Mom is free from the pain, and joins the great cloud of witnesses that waits for us. Such hope we have to look forward to. Thank you for inspiring me. You are a beautiful testimony to your spiritual mother and our heavenly father.

  16. Beautifully written! I could feel your passion of love and sincere gratefulness as you remember your love one.

  17. Good grief, is a term that is new to me, but I can see the relevance of turning what is a negative experience and make something positive out of it.I can identify with your grief because I recently lost my mother.
    I concur with the actions you took in turning your grief in good grief by learning some lessons from your spiritual mother and continuing her other work she started.
    This is a testament to how someone can truly heal themselves of the loss they experienced while turning that loss into something others can learn from as they heal from trauma of losing a love one.
    That you sis Pamela for sharing your thoughts and also giving us a roadmap for good grief.

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