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Imani Bashir is a Black American Muslim woman whose work has centered identity, culture, and lifestyle. She has been featured in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Glamour Magazine, and others. Her purpose is to be an ambassador for creating content that shifts culture and provokes pertinent conversations.

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  1. I ❤️ the movie so much. I was so happy and I as well will be out traveling abroad again. Lord willing, next year. Thank you for Unthinkably Good Things and many more. I love y’all and keep up the good work. Y’all did that….getting ready to call and reconnect with my sister circle. Again thank you.

  2. Loved, loved and loved this movie. It was refreshing to see Black women in an international setting. There are numerous Black women moving abroad and thriving! It was well written and the cinematography was superb.

  3. Watching the premiere last night was just what I needed to unwind, reflect and remind myself that living, loving , caring and sharing my true self with my sista-friends is so important. I too am a world traveler and have lived aboard. Yet, Italy is still on my list of places to indulge my wanderlust spirit.

  4. I see myself as Melina, afraid to put my own burdens on people out of fear they would leave. I love her attitude and that fact she was starting to see that she worth being loved and cared for.

  5. I loved this movie!!! The characters and life events were so authentic and real. It was also a beautiful movie. The scenery and location was just lovely

    Please keep these Mahogany movies coming!!!!

  6. Yes I watch i could relate I have three friends and we are all different and lift each other I like how they had the women successful

  7. Thank you for this! I did not watch the movie yet, but have set my DVR for the next showing on Friday (9/2). I can’t wait to watch. I am glad that Hallmark is finally showcasing our stories . I can’t wait until the next movie (To Her, with Love), which will be shown in September. I see a lot of possibilities in the future with stories written and directed by us!

  8. This was a refreshing and reality based event. I so enjoyed this and look forward to mmany more events depicting the life, love and struggle of people of color.

  9. It was good to see black women in a good light. So many times I see black women being portrayed as down on your luck or poor struggling females. Good to see sisterhood and I love that. We all have our ups and downs (Black or White) and this movie showed that. Enjoyed it and can’t wait for more!!!!

  10. I loved the movie! Showcasing friends and how they are connected yet at different stages of life resonates with me. True friendship can be hard but necessary and celebrated.
    Looking forward to the next movie hopefully abroad again.

  11. I loved the movie. It was just fantastic and I look forward for the next one. Although I didn’t see myself in either one of the characters I could relate with all three. At times I saw myself crying and at other times I found myself laughing. I give this movie 5 stars and will watch it again.

  12. Thank you for your refreshing and affirming take on the film, “Unthinkably Good Things”, Imani. I enjoyed watching it along with fellow colleagues at a watch party, as well as my husband, and like most have already stated, we all enjoyed the amazing soundtrack, the cast of beautiful, talented actors, and gorgeous cinematography that really showcased the allure and enchantment of Italy. My biggest takeway, which came as a surprise to me, cropped up later in my mind as I was contemplating the title of the movies–“Unthinkably Good Things”. These women were all at different crossroads in their lives, seeking to rewrite their stories in affirming ways that celebrated their individual purpose/truths. But I think as women of a certain age, (talking about myself here) we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to even think about, let alone desire and manifest those dreams we’ve nursed in our spirits, for a variety of reasons–the saddest of which are tied to believing we’re not deserving, or capable, or that our time has passed to pursue them. I think that should be “unthinkable”–to not allow ourselves the room, space, and support we need to get these good things we deserve to have in our lives. I am grateful that we now have Mahogany movies like these and more to come, that tell our stories and spark our imagination to dream bigger and live more fully and vibrantly. You did a beautiful job at the premier and recapping the film and its meaning, broadly and personally here in your blog. I can’t wait to see the next film.

    • You said everything I needed and wanted to say!! Yes, Women of a certain SHOULD allow themselves to desire and manifest the dreams they’ve nursed in their spirits!! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, let’s do this…NOW!! I am speaking more to myself than anyone… I can do this!!

  13. I was very excited to see this premiere of beautiful black women on Hallmark. It was inspiring for all women to show not only about love, but about friendship. Keep them coming, now I have the movies to watch besides buying up your cards. Thank you

  14. This was so good and I enjoyed every minute of it. The girls trip to Italy I love it. The cast was great. I will be watching it again. What a way to inspire woman . Thanks for this show

  15. This film was so refreshing!! It was so beautiful to see three African American Women that were educated and the bond that was shared between them. I will be traveling to Italy next year so the location resonated with me.

  16. Thank you Hallmark Mahogany for illuminating our stories in such a romantic way…

    I’m looking forward to Sunday nights and I will share this good news with all my friends.

  17. Great movie – I truly enjoyed it. I am definitely a Melina; I definitely relate to this character. The actresses, actors all did a fabulous job. It was so well written as well and very realistic. I can easily see me and my friends in this story.
    Thank you for creating a movie that celebrates sisterhood – the strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

  18. The movie was amazing. I loved the sisterhood of the ladies. True friendships are special and to see a story with so much positivity although they were a little secretive with each other. In the end they realized how much they valued and trusted each other. LOVED IT!! Can’t wait for the next Mahogany movie next month.

  19. I enjoyed the movie so much. It was so nice to see women who are friends and wives, teachers and people who have gone through come out on the other side so well. It does happen. Thank you so much.

  20. Great movie about friendship and how we can speak truth to one another in love as well as allowing one another to resolve their issues then be supportive. True Girlfriends are great to have and share life events with. Girlfriends…

  21. I related to Allison. I found all 3 women represented girlfreinds I have had for years. It was a wonderful movie with a real life SISTER/GIRL story to tell. Looking forward to more MAHOGANY presentations.. I

  22. This film was sensational. I identified with each character for different reasons, but Allison’s passion and desire to become an author spoke to my spirit. I understand how it feels to yearn to lean into your freedom (writing) but hesitate out of fear. I know what it feels like to attempt to walk the “safe” path. Unfortunately, the “safe” path isn’t safe if it doesn’t feed your spirit.

    Her journey to freedom was elegant, powerful and timeless. It was a blessing to watch, and I hope this becomes a series because these rich characters’ journeys have just begun. 🙂

  23. I’m an Allison! Even though I’m now retired it was like watching my younger self struggle on my career journey and finding myself both personally and professionally.
    I rejoiced when the movie ended and can’t wait to watch it again. It was so wonderful to see us portrayed so beautifully! Thank you Hallmark Mahogany!

  24. Thank You, thank You and thank you so much for such a wonderful movie. My two sisters and I did a “Sister Night” with the movie with joy.
    Will there be a continuation????? The cleanness of the movie about black women (us) was wonderful. More please and we are looking forward to September 11, 2022 movie. Thanks!

  25. I really enjoyed watching the movie. I see myself in each one of the woman at different stages in my life. I loved the friendship bond that they had for each other.

  26. Hello! Yes I saw the premier of the show last night! I really enjoyed it and saw a little of each of the characters in me–perhaps in a younger version since I am 66! I hope it turns into a series where we can trace their adventures and lives

    I am so glad Hallmark has connected to the Black Culture and broadened their horizons–have been a watcher for years–but waiting for more black themes, movies and characters to appear and it has! Amen!

    Love the cards and products too

  27. Bringing the vision of the bond of sisters is still new for us.
    Mahogany, well done.
    Looking forward for more to come from Mahogany Movies including building a brand screenwriters, card writer, and merchandise concerning our lives as we live it.
    Black Women around the world and the lives we build as Americans Abroad and friends who will follow no matter how far you go.

    Here’s To Friends Who Ride, Fly and Give Us The Grace To Wear Our Crowns.

    Unthinkably Good Things Is The Best of The Beginning of Hallmark Mahogany Movies.
    Please tell me you have Christmas Movies coming…

  28. I think at my mature age of 73, I can relate at this period of my life, more to Reesa. Relationships are so tough. Even after 32 years, I find the same tug o war between partners and expectations. Always true that if a marriage is to be a ” good” one, each partner must be willing to give and take. Unfortunately, sometimes it never happens. The movie was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of myself throughout my journey, in all 3 of the ladies. Just hearing the HBCU references was such a thrill as I am a proud alum of Fisk University. Looking forward to more Mahogany movies. And I am a card giver and luvvvvv Mahogany cards. They’re just harder to find these days.

  29. I loved the movie. It was a great story of friends for life. I think I could see some of my traits in Allison. The Tuscan scenery was stunning . Would love to see a sequel of this movie with the original cast . It reminded me of my friends I have had for over 41 years . It was refreshing to watch. Can’t want for more movies.

  30. Reesa I can relate to more as I recently retired with a lot of time and no real direction. Tuscany is definitely on my bucket list and to experience this adventure hwith my Sister/friends would be amazing…visiting wineries 😁, bistros, shopping, museums and so on would be a dream come true😃

  31. It was an awesome movie! Love everything about it! I am right where Allison is…I would love to have the soundtrack or a list of the songs! Thank you for a great movie.

  32. I am definitely a Melina. Haven’t been through cancer or any other sickness, but definitely trying to get my life back after losing myself and going through some hardships.

    Love this movie. It lead me into an imaginary world with strong hopes that one day it will become true.

  33. 🫶🏽❤️the refreshing and positive female friends relationship and the acting was good. It took me away for that time so after work the next day, I watched it again to vicariously go to Italy with my friends. Swoon💞

  34. I loved this movie. The friendship, the sisterhood and the love for each other in our community is wonderful to see. Looking forward to more

  35. Great movie!!Understand why it’s not one of those struggle movie, not that its bad, but God gave us strength and dreams to accomplish anything. Can’t say I identify with any of young women, was teenage single mother, degree in business and associates in Paralegal, grown children, have travel Italy and Paris. Retired. Looking forward to more movies. Pray God’s Blessings for many successful movies.

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