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Teresa is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a writer, editor, theater director, and creative collaborator. Teresa sees all of her work—across genres and disciplines—as an opportunity to help people say what they mean.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. This resonates deeply with me. I wish that I had taken a step such as this in my early years. However, this year I made the same choice. I started the year with these 4 words “Moving Forward with Purpose”. So far I have felt more empowered. No major WTH moments yet but I know it will happen.

    • Ty for reading, Mary! And feeling empowered is no small feat–especially when there are so many things (and folks?) that would make us feel the opposite. Go, you!

  2. I love this and it gave me food for thought about my goals and for words came to mind: purpose, opportunities, persistent and courage.

  3. Inspiring!
    I choose ‘intention’
    A year to intentionally be more loving, forgiving and present each day🫶🏽

  4. New, new, new! Mindset, behaviors, actions, being intentional. Being open to love, vulnerability. Continuing to ask God to heal all areas of my life to live my BEST life!

  5. I’m leaving room for “calm.” I’m generally not a calm person but I think I make people feel that way. Well, this year, I actually want to BE CALM and BRING CALM!

  6. As life changes and we face all kind of uncertainties, and it is very important that as seniors citizens we know our worth.The word I have chosen for myself this year is asset. Defined as a useful valuable person or thing. The last few years have shown us that things can change drastically. How we respond to change and come out on the other side is very important. Two words that changed our world, are Global Pandemic! As a older woman I experienced COVID-19 fatigue with all the anxiety and frustration that comes with wanting it all to be over. Personally I tell myself not to lose heart, hold on, do not give up, and do not tire out, I am so thankful that I’m still here and I could be a asset wherever I go from here. Whatever changes older ones have to go through if your living arrangements change situation of change keep going and remember you are not a liability you are a asset where ever you go a person of value strength and courage. We will never forget but we Ruby Quintanawill move forward as assets

    • Ruby, thank you so much for sharing that. Asset is a powerful word. This culture privileges youth (among other things) and will have experienced folks out here feeling some type of way. “Liability” where? I’m cheering you on for pushing back against that narrative.

  7. Love everything about this! Thank you! You’re embracing the entirety of the meaning of audacity and putting it into action and then the generosity of sharing this story is inspiring on several levels! May whatever you release this year bring you a bounty of blessings!

  8. I needed this so I can put myself out there with my God-given gifts that I’ve been sitting on – afraid at the idea of success. Thank you for being audacious and sharing your journey.

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