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Jamie Grace is a two-time Grammy nominated artist, host of The Jamie Grace Podcast and author of "Finding Quiet." Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Anxiety at a young age, she actively advocates for joy, wellness and mental health. Jamie Grace is a wife and mom in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for sharing. I struggle with feeling purposeful when I don’t have much to do and then hating myself when I go,go,go. I am trying to find my balance. That’s my favorite word. I can be helpful and take time to relax. Etc. maybe that’s my yes and…

  2. Hello Jamie,
    ‘…to hide in my room and pretend everything is okay’ draws me daily but I surround myself with God’s word which reminds me of the role I’ve to play in these times. So I push to find balance daily.

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