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For Eniola Abioye, words are everything. Through songwriting, children’s books, creative multi-media collaborations, and poetry, she crafts authentic, word-based content from her heart. In addition to writing, Eniola is a touring worship leader. She is passionate about changing the narrative for young people of color and empowering them to share...

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  1. This story reminded me of how I was treated in my youth. I don’t remember ever sabotaging anyone but self hatred and feeling unseen made me isolate myself even more. When thinking back on my life I can still see where my embarrassment of certain areas of my life still keeps me from living my best life. Fortunately I have great friendships and I have recognized the great aspects of me that I bring to those beautiful relationships. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I have sabotaged a friendship with a friend from 7th grade. Thinking it was my job to fix things that in reality were none of my business. Thank God it didn’t backfire. It wasn’t QUITE the same. But we remained friends. Before her passing we were friends for 42 years. I thank God for the experience.

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