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Courtney Faye Taylor is the author of Concentrate, forthcoming from Graywolf Press in November 2022. It is the winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize selected by Rachel Eliza Griffiths. Courtney is a Senior Writer at Hallmark Cards and is the Lead Social Writer for Mahogany. Visit her website: courtneyfayetaylor.com.

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  1. “I think of the room I’m meant to build atop of my grandfather’s life.”

    Such a beautiful line and way to think about how we contribute to our family’s history.

    My first trip to NMAAHC was grounding for my soul. Your cousin sounds like such a badass, too!

    Thanks for writing this, Courtney!

  2. We are all historians to some degree. We document in our minds those events that are worthy of memorializing to us. I can tell the stories of the history makers in my childhood community well. Their accomplishments that as a child, I didn’t see them as accomplishments. But I beam with pride whenever I think of them.

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