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Dr. Alisha Reed is a licensed pharmacist and a widow mom who believes that self-care is non-negotiable. She is the creator of the lifestyle brand FLY with Alisha Reed, moderates a widow support group, and hosts The Fly Widow Podcast.

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  1. Butterflies have been a part of my life from age 15. I am now 69. Butterflies are in every room of my house. In spring I have multiple blouses, and a variety of jewelry that I wear. My children, family, and coworkers know about my fascination with them. The representation of new life reflects God’s presence in my life.

  2. I enjoyed reading your beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. This really made me think about myself and where I am in my life cycle. At 64, I feel I am where God wants me to be and everything no matter good or bad is in divine order.

  3. Sis. Reed, I share your fondness of butterflies in the springtime. And, what a beautiful framing of life’s changes and how they intentionally shape us for our growth. I’ve been in a very long season of sandwiching – raising kiddos while caring for aging parents, while also working and serving others in the community. This season has meant joy and the pain of loss. It’s both a blessed and highly demanding season. Now in my early 50s, I’m entering a new layering of this season – one that focuses on caring better for my joy and soul, and it’s right on time. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, xoxo

  4. This part “The woman I was before I entered that chrysalis would not have been able to survive my current environment. The butterfly escapes its cocoon by cracking the hard shell. I needed every experience, both good and bad, to shape me into the woman I am today.” inspires and encourages me as I work my way through my current challenges. Thank you!!!

  5. What I also love about the butterfly analogy is the fact that the butterfly will die if it receives any assistance breaking free from its cocoon. We too won’t succeed or prosper if we don’t complete our own challenges.

  6. At 48, I have FINALLY emerged from the chrysalis, and it feels AMAZING and FRIGHTENING at the same time. I LOVE BUTTERFLIES, always have, always will. Got a butterfly tattooed on my calf. I feel I’ve emerged but I’m drying out my wings, so that when it’s time to fly, I’ll be ready.

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