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Allison Ford is an abstract artist, lawyer, and writer. As a mother of two young children, she celebrates motherhood and child-like creativity. She contributes to the creative community through her writing, painting, and by fostering dialogue. Find her at www.helloallisonart.com.

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  1. That was profound! I wish you the best as we all navigate this thing called life, looking for approval from people who really don’t matter!

  2. I really love this article. At the time I was reading it, I was in a place of trying to rediscover who I am. It helped me to put things into perspective and begin to see things a little clearer. Thanks

  3. What beautiful essay. By being vulnerable and authentic you’re inspiring others to review their own “box”. Best wishes to you!

  4. I really appreciate all of the articles and the revelations that I receive from them. I do struggle with how I am identified. I am a Ph.D. I am feel some kind of way when I am called Ms. Then I think to myself that I am being prideful. That it doesn’t matter what people call me, it doesn’t define me. I have so many titles and I do so many things, much like yourself. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I think the greatest title for me is “grandma.”

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