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Tonya Ingram is a poet, Cincinnati native, Bronx-bred introvert, mental health advocate, kidney transplant hopeful, Lupus legend, cat auntie, and lover of Tom Hardy and The Office. Tonya currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. TONYA, First let me say shouts out to you for this amazing piece you have written. That is so very inspiring in itself because I can relate to the doer, thinker and other “ers” you outlined in this scribe. I want to encourage you to keep doing you and no matter how dim the lighting on the set gets continue to give thanks. In order to be all that you can be, keep dreaming to be more and eventually you will have accomplished this, then that and inspired others like me along to write to start writing my blog and/or building my Youtube channel. I know what I feel but sometimes get stuck on lack of motivation to write something as you did. Today, the character I pretend to be Tonya. I am going to just do it. I will meditate on the things (issues) I feel strongly about and then write about them. Then, I will see myself climbing out of a whole to reach the light above. Finally, I reach the top where all I can see is change. Then I dance and sing praise.

  2. I’m still about the classics… Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder….ok I like mystery. I did love this read.

  3. Wonderful read. Thank you for sharing. I too loved that episode. What truly resonates for me is I AM…it’s powerful when you get to decide who you are and how you show up. I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise.

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