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Na’Kedra Rodgers is a speaker and author hailing from Fort Worth, TX. She’s a southern belle with sass. Na’Kedra believes God is with her; therefore, she will not fail. Na’Kedra’s mission is to inspire, encourage and empower women. She enjoys traveling with her family, making beautiful memories and celebrating life.

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  1. I lost both my parents last year two months apart. It is difficult dealing with my grief. Your article has helped me to confront my grief. Thank you for your article.

  2. What a Powerful Word to Help someone along the way, May God Continue to Bless You and Work Thought You for The Good Of His Kingdom

  3. This article came at such a needed time. My daily prayer has been Lord Speak To My Heart!! He did through you and I’m sooo thankful to God 🙌🏽. He’s my present help in the time of trouble!!!❤️ Gid Bless You Queen 🙏🏽

  4. Amen! Transformation by God is so amazing. I am thankful that God’s grace and mercy for me is so amazing that He has and continues to transform me in and out.

  5. Great article Na’Kedra! I hadn’t really verbalized it, but more in 2024 is also a goal I share. We will soar in 24!

  6. Na’Kedra, your article just spoke to my spirit in so many ways as I lie in my bed at 3:35 am because of an entanglement of words trying to find their rightful path past my lips! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and truth with us. Truly a message to ponder and appreciate.

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