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Twice nominated for an Image Award for "outstanding actress in a drama series”, Malinda Williams made a name for herself, grabbing lead roles in films such as The Wood, High School High, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and the hit television series SoulFood.

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  1. Wonderful insight and so very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your heart!
    *Loved you in Soul Food, by the way!

  2. Just say Hello Gorgeous and God is good all the time.

    Malinda, thank you for your encouraging words.

    Still watching Soulfood. Can’t get enough.

  3. Another great read! I can relate completely! We are our biggest inner me. I am learning to speak and think differently in my own journey and find it helpful. It will always be something to work on, however it will get easier. Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience. BTW, I too write everything down to make it plain! So let it be written so let it be done!

  4. Thank you Malinda for inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves. Self reflecting on my habits and reminder I’m in control of my destiny! Thank you for sharing your insights, looking forward to more.

  5. What a wonderful message. Understanding that change is hard work, sometimes painful, sometimes funny, always the best thing you can do for yourself

  6. Thank you so much 💓
    This article propelled me to do what I should have done a year ago with my ministry & business.
    You have always been one of my favorite actresses.

    Very classic, intelligent woman of God!
    May the Lord continue to bless you & all your endeavors.

  7. Hello Malinda Williams,
    i write today prior to Mahogany newsletter you authored from last month. however, i was quite busy and have been reading it today and thought that, i write my feedback to your newsletter. my thoughts, are mostly carefully chosen before i make any comment. because, i am man of my word. and most people don’t want to be left down, when you make a statement and it doesn’t happen, they obviously feel dejected, unhappy, etc, about habits, it boils down to personal decision of changing, and also having the will power of your personal mind strongly of changing. for me, i chose my personal habits, such as smoking cigarette and drinking occassionally. or occassion drinker. it is good to drink alcohol, but not always. in some cases, it is even dangerous than smoking, for instance affacting your kidneys, etc. so as smoking.
    however, it is a personal choice people make. whatever, their reason of making such a choice, it becomes personal. i personally hate procrastination as to or when it comes to meeting a lady first time and the chemistry is there between us, whether online or meeting physically. i guess you understand what i am saying, you meet a man for your first time, and have a chat, and you realise that you really begin to like each other. but one of you is procrastinating your possibly date or adventure for instance. it does really puts one of both relationship off. most times, when it does happen like that, the particular man or lady, may not seem to show it. however, intelligence is human instinct, one of you, may also feel that sense of not wanting to meet for the date or adventure one could have proposed initially. think about it, love and passion and affection, works hand in hand, and it is human phenomenom. we can’t do without it. so, it’s like, know what you want and say to yourself, that i am going for what i really want. because the mind, body and soul also works hand in hand together. like cordination.

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