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For Eniola Abioye, words are everything. Through songwriting, children’s books, creative multi-media collaborations, and poetry, she crafts authentic, word-based content from her heart. In addition to writing, Eniola is a touring worship leader. She is passionate about changing the narrative for young people of color and empowering them to share...

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  1. This is beautifully written and expressed! Thank you! “The world can benefit from my eyes.” I love that statement. I am an African-American female pastor who pastored an all white nearly 200-year-old church as it’s first in ethnicity and gender in a city with a predominantly white population and a history of racial injustice. I asked the Lord why I was there and I heard, “so you can share your perspective. They will share theirs and I will meet you both in the middle.” In the thin space God enters in to evoke change. Thank you for the reminder of our responsibility – to show up and go there!

    • Juana, thank you for your words! Your perspective is vital and no one has seen what you have seen! Thank you for leaning into that thin and HARD space, shining brightly. You are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the reward of your diligence!

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