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Ingrid Shanklin is a passionate author, captivating speaker, and devoted advocate. With a unique ability for connecting to her audience, she inspires through her thought-provoking words and powerful stories. Ingrid strives to make a lasting impact on everyone she encounters.

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  1. Bless you Pastor Ingrid, I bless God for you, one of the most honest women that I know, speaking real truth. You are an amazing woman of God.
    Blessings on Blessings Sis!

  2. It’s great to read this story and letting people know it’s good to face your fears. I’m glad the writer is in a much better place and was able to find herself.

  3. Congratulations Pastor Ingrid, to a women I have felt so blessed to know. You are a role model for us all, thank you for the courage.

  4. Congratulations Pastor Ingrid, to a woman I have felt so blessed to know. You are a role model for us all, thank you for giving us courage to reach deep to heal.

    • Congratulations Pastor Ingrid! What a well-deserved, major accomplishment!
      Thank you for sharing your story; it’s raw, real, and you articulate it so eloquently and beautifully. ☺️
      Love you!


  5. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing a sliver of your story, experience and journey! It’s insightful, inspiring and relevant to the “now” we face. Glad you’re doing well and enjoying your new journey. Keep moving forward and cultivating “YOU”. 😊 love ya.

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