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Erica Guerrido is a Public Health research professional, educator, beach enthusiast, and fashion lover. Affectionately called “Sparkle” by her friends and family, she leads with love, logic, and serves with a smile. She endeavors to do all that her hands are anointed to do!

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  1. Thanks for reminding us of the newness of life through resilience and redemption-second chances. We have so much for which to be thankful.

  2. Thank You for this timely message. This is a confirmation for me to proceed on my journey to home ownership and to embrace the joy and anguish of the process. Your story has given me courage

  3. This is a beautiful reminder of the fact that even in times of good things, we can still experience sadness because of things left inside us that need to be rooted out.
    I have a “Mamma plant” that is 20 years old this year. Mom passed in 2003 and I promised myself that the plant I took from her funeral was going to be with me forever. Mamma plant almost died twice! I was determined to hold on to the one thing that is a daily reminder of my mom’s presence in my life was going to remain with me for as long as I had strength to take care of her. She is thriving today. Thank God❣️🙏🏽

  4. This is so inspiring on so many levels. Our ability to endure the many seasons of life and bounce back is a beautiful thing. I love that God allowed you to have a true experience of him even in your “winter” moment. You deserve all he has given and will continue to give. Keep thriving butterfly 🦋!

  5. How awesome is our God. He walks with us hand in hand on this journey called life and helps us learn, gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding in so many unique ways. To everything there is a season. You so beautifully let us see hope/fulfilment of God’s promises if we just endure the seasons.

  6. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is deal with our own emotions. Ms. Sparkle’s story is a wonderful testament to how we can sometimes obscure our vision of ourselves and our situation when we forget how we’re rooted. I’m looking forward to getting through my own current season of pruning with an expected end! God bless you, Ms. Guerrido in your transparency.

  7. Thank you for sharing this; God’s love is EVERYTHING. Resilience and redemption are “sweet” parts of this whole! Congratulations on becoming a homeowner, too!

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