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Danielle Nottingham has traveled the globe covering pivotal stories of our time as a CBS correspondent. From the death of Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama's run for President, debates, primaries, NFL coverage, red carpets, and hosting entertainment news and lifestyle on NBC--she's done it all.

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  1. Yes! Your article resonated with me. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to reflect on all the women and men who mothered me throughout my life. It’s a lovely way to begin the day.

  2. Thanks my dear Soror for that moving tribute to all the Mothers in your life. I reminded me of all the women that lifted my wings when I could not, they gave me hints and ideas as to give wings to thoughts and deed I may never have had the tenacity to hold tight and know when to let go.
    Sisterly, Karen

  3. I love this!! You made my day with those letters. I have so many fond memories of living in the house with you!! I’m so proud of you!! ❤️❤️

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