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For Eniola Abioye, words are everything. Through songwriting, children’s books, creative multi-media collaborations, and poetry, she crafts authentic, word-based content from her heart. In addition to writing, Eniola is a touring worship leader. She is passionate about changing the narrative for young people of color and empowering them to share...

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful article. I am overcoming self sabotage by faith. I believe each new day is filled with new opportunities and the grace to persevere. It’s exciting to create new ideas, however sometimes turning the dream into reality is where we can often times become fearful. Stepping out on faith will give us the courage to make it from start to finish.

  2. So many of us are super creative, full of ideas and even know how to get started but then fall short in the execute stage. We need to unpack the “why” of that. For me, it was not having the full picture and all of the answers ahead of time. What also stands out for me in the article is your friend who asked a question and the accountability she represented. Thanks for this and keep winning sis!

  3. Eniola,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I saw so much of myself in your story and was truly encouraged. I have also been one known to have tons and tons of amazing ideas but lack follow-through. I’m now learning how to rise to the occasion by believing myself enough to finish what I start.

    I pray your journey as a writer is fulfilling and impactful.

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