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Teresa is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a writer, editor, theater director, and creative collaborator. Teresa sees all of her work—across genres and disciplines—as an opportunity to help people say what they mean.

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  1. I actually look forward to these emails from you every week. It’s a nice pick-me up of emotional and spiritual enlightenment of the start of my day. And I thank you for that.😊😊

  2. Terrific post. And glad you didn’t commit the barbeque-sauce-on-lasagne crime, ewww. Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. This was a great read! The ones who wouldn’t do anything like cook and invite family over are the ones who stepped up. In 2021 it was my baby sister and 2022 my daughter. It’s been bitter sweet because of the passing of my mom in 2021. It’s appreciated.

    • Ty, Julia! Holidays are so often this balance of bitter and sweet. My condolences on your mother; glad other family is stepping up–it’s never too late.

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