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Raya Reaves is the Founder and Finance Coach of City Girl Savings, LLC. She teaches women how to create and stick to realistic budget plans to reach their financial goals. Raya resides in Austin, Texas, with her boyfriend and two Yorkie dogs.

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  1. I am in the same boat. I have a cycle of “doing right” this week only to eat something “bad” and mess up. This holiday season I plan to prepare healthier versions of the foods I love. I will relax and be in the moment enjoying what the day brings. I will pay attention to my body and give it whatever it needs.

  2. I completely understand! I’m in the process of loving my body and that comes in various ways; eating, skin care, resting, emotional control. This holiday season, I’m focusing on my eating habits. It’s challenging because everyone around me have cabinets full of junk food. However, like you Raya, I have full control of my body. Yes to all of us for taking care of ourselves!

  3. I feel you. Good luck with your journey. I struggle too. I have found that following the WW program has worked for me, using the app keeps me accountable to myself even when I don’t always make the best choices.

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