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Teresa is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a writer, editor, theater director, and creative collaborator. Teresa sees all of her work—across genres and disciplines—as an opportunity to help people say what they mean.

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  1. All the Time.

    God is good. God will give us divine favor . We are his children. I have several times like yours and God placed that Angel in my path to work everything out for my good. He give me favor when I needed it the most. I have forgotten to do things than God place on my heart to go back. He give me favor with the individual and everything work out for my good. I had so many unexpected blessings in unexpected places at grocery stores, post office, events etc. I took it as a reminder that God is just letting us know he is here and he got us.

    Beautifully written.

  2. I had to laugh as I read this post. So much of it reminded me of me, back in the day. Thanks for making my day with a really big grin

  3. This reminded me so much of me and my story. When I left my job back in 2015, I had to attend unemployment classes. Ironically, the instructor was my neighbor. In that class he made a statement that stuck with me since he said it. He said, “It’s not who you know, it’s not what you know, but it’s who knows you”. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, a former boss from a previous job texted me out of the blue (GOD put me on her mind). She left the job over 18 months ago, and I left seven months ago. She reached out to me and asked if I was looking for a job, that she had a position that was coming up and she think I should apply. I thought, I have nothing to lose, and I’ve been rejected so many times in the last seven months, that I was willing to apply for anything at this point. Long story short, I interviewed with three people from her new job, and I felt the interviews went very well. So well that, I GOT THE JOB!!!! My Mom use to always say to me, “God always has a ram in the bush”… and this time, as always, He did NOT disappoint.

  4. What a beautiful, every-day-life experience, example of God’s Grace operating in our life! Thank you for sharing!

  5. All the time. Angels are put in my path to help all the time. And while the thing I need done may seem like a little thing to most, to me it’s huge-and I panic–because it’s the end of the world right? but it’s not! I have to remember to give myself grace and on the exhale I say to myself–girl, Gods got this!

  6. Whew!! Been there too many times to count!! There are so many signs and wonders God sends if we just slow down and really “SEE”.

  7. Yes! I’ve had blessings come right in the Nick of time. Praying for another one right now as I type this because I need a miracle from God right here right now 🙏🏼

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