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Tracie Braylock is a holistic nurse, writer and creator of This Holistic Life, an integrative health practice. Her work offers encouragement and support for the ongoing transformation of mind, body and spirit. She believes that we can cultivate health, curate paths to healing and create more harmony in our lives.

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  1. This right here……just spoke a work to me….wow! It’s interesting how much pretending we see and how much we do.

  2. I pretend everyday that I’m ok when I’m really not. I haven’t been in awhile but I pretend to keep my children/family from asking me what’s wrong. I don’t want the floodgate of tears to flow. I’m not ready yet.

  3. Great reflective article. Pinpoints a common dilemma. We must take inventory and make sure we ourselves have enough quality us to share.
    Step back, breath, and ask how do I really feel. Respond appropriately. All will be well when you do this.


  4. Thank you for that wonderful story l have felt just like that after loosing my husband and my home.i pretend that every thing was okay when I was around people.when alone I would cry and cry .I now go to the senior center.i am getting better.thank you.

  5. I am not pretending, but sometimes just going through the motions. Life dose not always turn out the way you hoped, and strived to have. But, I am grateful for what I have.

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