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Mahogany is the spot where we protect one another in our vulnerabilities, praise each other’s power, and amplify one another’s voices.

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  1. I love the She’s Got A Habit brand. Malinda is so intentional about letting women know that she see’s them and honors their journey.
    I love you, Malinda.

  2. ‘She’s Got A Habit’ is such a force of empowerment for women like myself! While I’m proud of my current accomplishments, this mission motivates me to go further and pursue some additional dreams! Thank you Malinda for all you do to encourage and uplift women!

  3. Malinda Williams, you are such an inspiration and I admire how you’re always willing to spread the knowledge and wisdom so many of us seek. The affirmation deck has been my daily ritual!!

  4. It’s an incredible book written full of personal experiences. It’s also an easy read and an uplifting story of preserving, consistency and preparation!

  5. Beautiful messages. Supporting each other is where it all needs to start. We are all limitless and priceless. Thank you.

  6. As a newbie entrepreneur, this message is great inspiration. I was overwhelmed and now, know to pace myself because God’s timing is best, and He will not let me fail! I ordered the deck of affirmations and am excited. Thank you, Malinda for understanding the assignment from God. Women are blessed beyond measure to do great things and it is critical to uplift one another. Blessings in abundance!

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