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  1. Clearly this was intended for me this morning. It is just what I need as I prepare for retirement this year.

  2. Full-filling Fantastic Faith-filling messaging and inspirations are always and forever being provided
    by Dr. Cheryl Williamson.
    May we continue to always be open
    to receive, achieve and share exponentially “the pour” with all.
    Thank You for being You!

  3. Cheryl, you are a light to women whose flame have often burned out or just needed the bulb to be changed. Your infectious spirit of love encourages, motivates and pushes women to believe, to soar, and to declare all life has to offer them. I am grateful to know you as a woman of God, a coach and a friend. Continue allowing God to use you to influence the world! Love you 💗

  4. Want an amazing human and beautiful soul you are, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us as Women, but more importantly pouring into us so that we may soar, stretch, grow and be all that God has called us to be.

  5. Cheryl is a walking testament of what God will do in your life when you’re obedient. She literally changes lives of people in her presence. I love her and BLESSED to call her my friend.
    May God continue to bless her and EVERYTHING she touches.

  6. Dr. Cheryl
    You and your gifts from God are the reason for bringing me to realize my true potential and purpose! You have a way of saying, doing, and pouring into our black women like no other. Your selfless giving and compassionate intuition continue to bless so many. I thank you for being the exceptional person that you are!

    I L💕VE Y💚U ❗️

  7. Cheryl Polote-Williamson is a gifted communicator and motivator. Each of her books leaves you encouraged and motivated, Affirmed is no different. I look forward to reading my daily affirmation before starting my day. It’s like having a private word of devotion with Cheryl each day.

  8. Cheryl Polote-Williamson breathes life into everything and everyone she encounters. If you want to be inspired and lovingly motivated, lock in with her.

  9. Love, love, love this . . . I feel encouraged, enthused, and empowered!!!
    Thank you, Dr. Cheryl!🌹

  10. I’ve written poems for my book, WORDS OF EXPRESSION: A HEALING FOR THE SOUL. My former pastor Rev. Maxine Thomas is working with me, she told me I’d probably need about $ 2,000 to get it published. She has her publishing company. I need to know what’s my next steps- find a sponsor.

  11. Our family are card lovers and readers. Mahogany provides beautiful cards that express our culture and our experiences. The fact that Cheryl Polote-Williamson, a dynamic woman who uplifts, empowers and challenges women to move past potential to purpose, is featured on Mahogany is truly a win win for us all.

  12. Although, I have not personally met Dr. Cheryl (I am affirming to do so 😊) she has shifted my mind and touched my heart in ways that has impacted how I interact with my family, friends and colleagues. She has inspired me in ways that have awakened dreams and possibilities in my life and reminded me of the good work that God began in me. I will continue to walk boldly in my purpose and share the wisdom that has been so graciously shared with me to help educate, elevate, and empower women. I love you Dr. Cheryl! Thank you from the depths of my soul for reminding me the beauty of God resides within me and requires me to share confidently with others!

  13. Cheryl, LOVE and LIGHT to you. Your words have resonated with me in my spirit. Chosen servitude, purpose, and faithful walk, you are a gift to all the women you are called to inspire and motivate in their own purposes. Our footprints will be deeper and firmer because of your gift. I stand with you in giving God the Glory… Thank you St. Croix Virgin Islands 🌴❤️ 🦋

  14. This article and Dr. Cheryl Polote Williams have given me the push I need at just the right moment. I love celebrating every moment! The confetti makes it official!

  15. I needed to read this today. I met Cheryl in 2018 at the NAACP Convention in San Antonio. I was already following her journey prior to that encounter. I am part of her Affirmed family and that has impacted my life in a positive way. May she continue to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

  16. Dr. Cheryl continues to inspire me with her bold decision to live in her purpose, moment by moment while taking women along with her. She is abundant in encouragement, in helping others find their purpose and uplifting all women through her creative success in books, films, magazines and daily affirmations.

  17. This was a beautiful expression of love for another. I truly enjoy seeing other women help,lift,and love each other into destiny and purpose. The world can be hard if you have the wrong voices guiding you. It is so important for us to point to the blessings and the one who blesses us(Jesus) to keep people from giving up hope. There will be storms, however it’s refreshing knowing the sun(son) is always shining.

  18. What an awesome interview! I could feel the sincerity of the words coming off the page. Dr. Cheryl is a leader who commands attention every time she speaks; and always have something worth listening to. God is using her in a mighty way. I’m so glad I am able to be a part of her tribe and receive daily affirmations.

  19. I heard Dr. Cheryl speak virtually for a woman’s church event and I literally screamed!! Her message was motivational and life-changing for me! She inspires—she motivates—she gives. Thank you Dr. Cheryl!

  20. Dr. Cheryl is one of the most genuine people I have met. Everything she preaches, she practices. She pours into others regularly. It is a joy to read her spotlight in this empowering community.

  21. This is the kind of positivity that’s needed to help other women realize that they too can make their dreams come true. Great article!

  22. This is very encouraging and sounds like something I am willing to try. God knows I need to do something to better my life and myself.

  23. An inspirational article and one that deserves to be reread. Thank you Mahogany and Dr Cheryl. I vow and affirm to myself to accomplish at least one significant goal towards becoming a successful business owner each month this year.

  24. Cheryl truly has a passion for helping others, especially women, strive to achieve greatness and evolve into the best version of themselves.

  25. Dr. Cheryl always inspire when you hear her on live podcasts, written affirmations including reading articles. No matter the platform, she’s motivates and gives her all. Thank you Dr. Cheryl!

  26. Powerful! She’s right: every woman on the earth needs to be affirmed. I’m a firm believer in Visioning and have been working fervently on rebuilding my mindset after a few life’s challenges. Thank you, Dr. Cheryl, for confirming and affirming what I believe to be true… that I can truly have the kind of life that my heart desires!

  27. Empower to action! Create a vision and show up Boldly! I felt this in my heart. This was an amazing inspiration as always. You inspire excellence, expectation, with excellence. Continue to be the servant leader that your are for every time you pour into one of us you will see a flower 🌺 bloom! Thank you!!

  28. Soup for the soul!! We should all borrow Dr. Cheryl’s self-love approach and pass the gift along to our next gen. Thank you for being an inspiration to me, CPW!

  29. I am so inspired by the words of encouragement, the daily affirmations, the way I am constantly elevated by the acts of kindness from Cheryl. She continues to sow into women all over and I admire her so much for her strength and obedience. I pray that God will continue to sustain her in all of her endeavors. She has been a blessing to myself and many other women.

  30. Dr. Cheryl thank you for being the the light for others to see! You have set the standard for us (women) to follow. You operate in excellence which is a constant reminder that we can be more and do more! You walk it like you talk it! I honor you for carry the torch for so many. For creating so many seats and the table and showing us how to build our on table. Your affirmations have helped me to change my mindset and see the importance of affirming myself daily! YOU ARE TRULY A WOMAN OF GRACE, INTEGRITY AND FAITH!

  31. After reading your article I am encouraged, empowered, motivated to keep pushing toward my passions, desires, and dreams. As one of your coauthors this reminds me of how God can align you with people on assignment, with purpose, for inspiration to stay on His path. Sending my love to you Cheryl.

  32. The authenticity of Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson is weaved throughout every aspect of how she shows up in the world. You can be assured after reading, viewing, or attending an event hosted by her you will know the power of your worth.

  33. There are over 5.7 million women over the age of 45 who are still navigating their next. Dr. Cheryl you keep us focused on our North Star and the path forward; faith in God, faith in self and faith in family. You are the great encourager. God Bless You!

  34. This was very motivational and inspirational to me. I pour, pour, pour out to a lot of people. I struggle in finding people to pour into me.

  35. This article is amazing, so often women find themselves stuck personally but fluent in helping others reach their potential. I made a commitment to show up for me and Cheryl seems to be a prototype of what that can look like. The article alone is igniting, couldn’t have chosen a better person to highlight… throwing confetti… love it!

  36. Authenticity, consistent, inspirational, and faithful are just a few of the bold seasonings you will experience every time with Dr. Cheryl. She is a beacon of light that understands the responsibility of her assignments.

  37. Dr. Cheryl pours into me daily and I’m so Thankful for her. She affirms with me which is so empowering and inspiring. Her book Soul Affirmations is a daily go to for me! I’m grateful!😊

  38. Absolutely loved this feature and all the knowledgeable nuggets from Dr. Cheryl Williamson. Walking in to this new year and new season her words of encouragement and inspiration are just what I needed and knowing that I deserve the life I want! Also, I’m loving the way she celebrates her wins gonna go get me some confetti for my purse too! Thanks for sharing

  39. A true joy for me is starting my morning ritual with Dr. Cheryl’s book “Affirmed”.

    Reading the daily thoughts and affirmations allow me to be grounded and intentional with the day I have ahead of me. Thank you for your light & wisdom Dr. Cheryl!

  40. Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson is an inspiring woman of God! Walking in her purpose to generously give of herself to other Black women brings me to happy tears. We have to uplift one another to overcome the negative stereotypes the world holds for Black women. We are each other’s sister! Thank you, Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson. Keep On Shining!❤️

  41. Cheryl is truly an inspiration! She is authentically herself and walks her talk with passion, power, and integrity. Her faith is on full display and calls all of us to walk in the belief that our dreams are not forgotten. And yes….you NEED both Affirmed and The Art of Influence in your library!

  42. Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson is an amazing testament of how we have the ability to manifest our wildest dreams into a reality! She is a true inspiration that moves me with every word she speaks.

  43. Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson is one of the most unique women that I know. I love the fact that everything she does is done unapologetically. She is definitely an inspiration to women all over the world, especially me. On days that I wake up needing a word, she sends me words of affirmation. She lives to empower others, men and women, and as a co-author in one of her best sellers, I am determined to reach every goal that I have set, long and short term. THANK YOU CHERYL FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THE CALLING!!! YOU UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT AND I AM A BETTER WOMAN BECAUSE OF IT❤️❤️❤️

  44. Cheryl, I guess I need to buy me a bag of confetti. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate. New commitment to keep dreaming and celebrating success!

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