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Teira E. Farley is a light; inspiring joy, truth and freedom through her lifestyle and work as a brand + business coach. Guided by unyielding faith, rooted in family, and armed with purpose and expertise, she leads how she serves: with love, passion, determination, and integrity.

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  1. This article was right on time. It is so true for me! I am enough, too much, and too little all at the same time. I am me! I see me, do you?

  2. I am dumbfounded by your eloquence. This is me too but I would not be able to formulate and articulate it. Thank you for your honesty. I am going to use your words until I find mine. God bless you as you continue on your journey and anyone else you meet along the way.

    • Wowwwwwww…thank you so so much! I’m grateful that the message connected with you in such an impactful way. Your words are just as powerful. Continue being true to yourself and the words will continue to come. God bless you and yours.

  3. All I need is me & God. I just had to see this for myself in writing. Everything and everyone else is just a byproduct of who we are with each other…because I am not me without him.

    • He’s always there and He’ll always give you who and what you need, even if you don’t immediately see it or feel that way. Trust Him. Trust yourself. Keep it moving. 😉 Thank you for reading.

  4. “I’ll die empty, not because they drained me, but because I put in the time, energy, and effort to discover everything in me, and then worked intentionally to sprinkle a little bit of it everywhere along the way.”

    Yes!!! Acknowledgement is key in our growth and development and while it’s scary and uncomfortable knowing we aren’t alone in the process is comforting. You’re right – you and God is all you need. Thanks for sharing! Keep going sis🌸

  5. What a read! Crazy part I knew this all along. I am overwhelmed at the feelings of you finding yourself..why? Because the Teira I know deserve too know herself! The girl I met, the woman I love, and the person that has always been the ideal of a woman. My Teira this confirmed you always had it in you as I believe you did. Thanks for sharing a part of your story.

    • THIS! You have always seen, always affirmed, always supported, always been a champion of me. Thank you. I am humbled by and will be eternally grateful for your genuine and consistent love and care. *cues track* Thank you for being a friend 😉

  6. Whoa! This resonates with so loudly and so accurately. What I love about your journey is that you found YOU. The You that has grown to see that her value was determined by who you are and not by what you do. You will die empty because you took the time to discover and sow. (Deep breath). Sis. You are truly a gem. Thank you for sharing this truth. It puts so much into perspective for me. Let’s make a practice of asking our friends if they have capacity for what we want to share, ask or even insist. Thank you for this freedom.

    • Aww, absolutely. Thank you for loving, accepting, choosing, cheerleading, and evolving as only you could. You’re a champion and I’m grateful to have you in my corner.

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