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Jamie Grace is a two-time Grammy nominated artist, host of The Jamie Grace Podcast and author of "Finding Quiet." Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Anxiety at a young age, she actively advocates for joy, wellness and mental health. Jamie Grace is a wife and mom in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. I was truly blessed by reading this powerful article. I am hopeful as I anticipate my future. We are connected more than we know.

  2. I love this!! This resonates so much because though we want to know what our future will look like – there’s so much more to anticipate in the unexpected joys of life!!

    This and gave me more hope to look forward to the unexpected

  3. Hello Jaimie Grace, I’ve followed you for so long I thing of myself as tour biggest fane. Reading through this has given me a lot of hope and a sense of direction. I’ve dated a couple of men, but I am currently single, I broke up with my ex in 2020. Lately I’ve been lead to just focus on my life and building my career so I decided not to go into any relationship and to be honest most of the guys I meet just don’t cut it. But somewhere in my heart I still want to be with someone, i still want to have someone to share my life and dream with, irrespective of what he looks like, even though I have a spec in mind, I really don’t think it matters. Reading this has made me feel light and I have a clearer focus. Thank you

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