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Jo Henderson is an avid writer with one academic and one fictional prose published under her name. She aspires to publish more works through her experience as an elder who has lived a full life.

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  1. This has been the most impactful article I have read on Mahogany. I was ready to walk away because the commentaries on Mahogony were devoid of speaking directly to the issues of Blackness. It appeared the language of the Black authors was sanitized so that the author could appeal to a wide array of people. As a racially conscious Black elder trying to survive in 2023, I have no place or space for sanitized language from authors who identify as Black.

  2. Wow! This spoke to me because I also had a friend like this from seventh to twelve grade. We went our separate ways to college and later while having been chosen as one of her bridesmaids; I finally realized who she was and went on my way.

  3. Sometimes you gotta cut people loose. No matter how long the friendship if they are no longer serving you. I loved this article. By far the best one yet

  4. Everyone on your journey, isn’t going your way. I am waiting for some of up to wake up, Time out for all the division within us, we need to be a united front and stop the madness. No more house Negro vs field Negro, we are all in the same Abbott, Trump and DeSantis world. You better get some Jesus in your life.

  5. Wow….just a powerful message. I have been at the friendship crossroads recently. Appreciate this perspective…I’m moving on too.

  6. Thank you for your transparency. I let 2 friends go with similar issues. The relationships became too toxic for me because I was bringing the negativity home to my family. I’m also proud that you are holding your ground and NOT going back.

  7. This is such a powerful story. It show’s how transformation and growth can literally pull you away from what you thought you knew and needed. Our Blackness is beautiful and when you are proud of who you are and where you come from, it becomes intolerable to be around people who aren’t. I am so happy for you that you found peace and the courage to move on.

  8. I applaud your courage to do what knew you had to do. I feel like you knew that something had to change a while ago though, but needed time to figure out exactly what change was.,

    I had to make a similar change, but this was with certain family members. It was a hard & scary decision but, the moment I did what I needed to do, I felt lighter & happier.

    Congratulations on putting yourself first. ♥️

  9. HalleluYAH for the return of your unapologetic authenticity!! It was handcrafted before you entered your mother’s womb. Be steadfast and feed future minds as directed by your creator!

  10. This calls for a Maya Angelou moment where she offers one of her many powerful truth quotes, which is, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

  11. This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing your story! I too am evaluating friendships. They evolve. People change and people grow.

  12. I have had to do this in my life. It was very painful but absolutely necessary and worth it.

  13. I had 3 gg grandmothers, that were white, two on my mother’s side, one that I know of, on my father’s side, and also on that side, a white great grandmother, who married my great grandfather who was half black, and passed for white, I grew up with a mother warning me, that I needed to stay how the sun, because I would get too dark, I could go on and on, but I hated the cruel things my mother would say about darkskin people, comparing them to monkees, and apes, when I had my first child, who was dark, she had only negative things to say, and each time I had to check her prejudice, then after a few more children, I finally had to tell her, she wouldn’t see any of my children, if she didn’t stop mistreated that one, so sad, it was only years after she died did I find out, she; along with another aunt, lol was considered the darkest ones in the family.

  14. I respect your strength in presenting your journey to the world. This was a transparent example of what many of us go through. I have never had to end a relationship because of the issues you presented, but I have experienced those discussions with other black friends and family members. Thank you for your sharing your journey. I applaud you!

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