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Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson is a highly sought after speaker, multi best-selling author, award winning exec. producer and filmmaker, business leader, visionary, philanthropist, purpose connection coach, editor-in-chief of Cheryl Magazine, and most importantly a servant leader.

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  1. This how to love message, is from the God. It shows if we open to love God , He will fulfill our emotional needs as well. This story inspires us to search for unconditional friendship to the point that it forms a bond of sisterhood. This bond is similar to bond we have with Him. Encouraging article

  2. GOD has a way of putting you at the right place, at the right time! May He continue to Guide, Bless and Protect you! Spoke@cha! Sheena Bouchét

  3. Cheryl,

    You bring truth, hope, and purpose through your stories. Your vulnerability and unapologetic authenticity elevates me and so many others.

    I hope you continue to share your gift as it is valuable.

  4. This a an awesome story indicating how God will provide for us the desires of our heart. Your story blessed me so much. When I moved to Dallas, I had cousins here that I knew well. However, the shorten distance has changed our relationship from cousin’s to sister-cousins. I never thought that I’d remain in Dallas after retirement but my new found relationship with my sister-cousins helped me realize that Dallas is my new forever home.

  5. This is absolutely wonderful! I felt the exact same way when I moved to Texas alone. I trusted God to always create a community for me and that He did, but there in nothing like family, especially like you! You are absolutely special to me and I could not be more grateful to the Lord for stitching us together!

    I love you, my beautiful cousin!

  6. God always blesses us with the longing of our hearts. Thank you for sharing Dr. Cheryl and charging us to call our sisters today. You are a woman with such compassion and a love for God and His people. Bless you!

  7. Oh wow! This article really peaked my interests because I feel the same way. I’m the oldest cousin and my sister passed 14 years ago and I long for that sister bond. Life is “so busy” but this article let me know that sisterhood bonds will happen! Thank you Cheryl! Excellent article.

  8. Such a beautiful life-story. It’s is so amazing how God sets up things for ours lives. Connections, relationships that God ordained create life long bonds. Bless you both two amazing women. ❤️

  9. This story touched my heart Cheryl. There is definitely a special bond between cousins. Mine were my sisters and we are still going strong. God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

  10. What a beautiful story! God certainly does know how to supply I’ll need is according to his riches in glory. He will do exactly what he promised. Therefore, I have no choice but to stand on the promises of God.
    Be blessed, my beautiful sisters!

    • Such a beautiful story of how God connects us long before we get to know each other. Thank you Dr. Cheryl for being my sister and pouring into me daily! Knowing that I have a Heaven sent sister who encourages, support and pray for my well being is truly God’s Devine Purpose and Order!

  11. I believe most of us need family. Although I was excited about going into the military at 21 years, I traveled all over the world. I missed my family, I still do. All the traveling somehow caused a disconnect, I still pray for a solid connection. This story was heartfelt, and stirred up some emotions. Thanks for sharing your heart. God is marvelous!

  12. OMG, this story is a bullseye straight to my heart. Only God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. Keep up the good work God has blessed you to do. mcp

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson article. The bind described between she and her sister cousin immediately reminded me of my cousin sister Jackie. We’re first cousins but more like sisters we spent every summer together in Georgia and now continue our grandmother’s tradition of hosting Thanksgiving like she did so many years ago.

  14. Reading this has left me in tears as I think about my transitions and the desires I have. As navigate through the various changes this article has left me encouraged and it is an answered prayer on today! Thank you Dr. Cheryl

  15. Such a beautiful story of how God connects us long before we get to know each other. Thank you Dr. Cheryl for being my sister and pouring into me daily! Knowing that I have a Heaven sent sister who encourages, support and pray for my well being is truly God’s Devine Purpose and Order!

  16. This is such an inspiration. There is always something in our future that will bless out lives if we stay on course. Don’t be afraid to move when the spirit prompts us to move.

  17. Thank you for these fabulous words of wisdom, Dr Cheryl.
    So so true.
    However, God has always come through with “full-circle blessings.”
    He is always “On-time”.
    Remember and Cherish all of your blessings, friends and relocated family— and especially your full-circle, 360 degrees of blessings and favors.
    Have a beautiful positively eventful day and week!

  18. So beautiful the connection between women that are strangers but become friends and then sisters. You can’t explain the connection, but you have an affinity through your souls. To find that your bond has been cemented through biological family makes the connection even more magical. God always put you were you were suppose to be. This was just Beautiful to read.

  19. My biological sister and I found each other when I was 35. She was 28 years old and looking for a friend looking for a big sister. We found each other through mutual college friends. This story resonated deeply with me we all need sister friends.

  20. Thank u so much 4 this. I 2 have a “sister-cousin” who means the world 2 me. I’ll call her 2 day. I’m sure she knows how I feel about her, 4 I have told her many times. But, I’ll tell her again 2day. Thank u very much 🌹

  21. Your story is so powerful! It shows us that there are blessings in being obedient to God’s plan for our lives. This Small World moment demonstrates the 6 Degree of Separation adage is real. So happy you found kinship, family, friendship and your destiny.

  22. This reflection upon her life experiences touched me deeply. Thank you for being transparent Cheryl! I too reflected on the many places I’be relocated to and from & the deep abiding friendship that have sustained me. Friendships not of blood but of the heart! You captured this beautifully!

  23. I love reading this. I could feel and see the excitement in the story. Although my current journey isn’t about sisterhood, this encouraged me to hold on longer for the longing God has placed in my heart. It feels sometimes like the manifestation of it has moved away. Today reading this story my heart is again encouraged. I love it.

  24. Wow! Incredible story. Our family “found” a new cousin when my mom passed. Turned out the cousin was taking a class my mother taught and they became fast friends. When my mother passed our “new” cousin learned that she was related to her teacher from another cousin. I was elated to hear that she enjoyed every minute she spent with my mom because she just felt like family and unbeknownst to them they were.

  25. This reminds us that’s God’s timing is perfect on how we meet and interact with individuals. You never know who’s watching, who’s cheering for you, and who you are connected to. To have sister friends is a whole different experience and I’m forever grateful. Thanks Dr. Cheryl for always sharing your stories and inspiring others.

  26. Awesome and amazing story. Nothing like family and “like family”. I have so many sisters and brothers from another mother that bless me everyday.

  27. What a journey! As a product of an only child in a military family, life-long girlfriends are everything… But, cousins! The universe sure knows how to come through for good people. Thank you for sharing

  28. God will show up and show out in the most unusual way. It is amazing how prayers are answered in his time. It took 10 years, but look at the relationship that he allowed to grow into a great sister/cousin thing. This is a fantastic story, and many more blessings to you and Cuzz.

  29. I really appreciate you sharing your story. The Sisterhood is so important to our growth. I’m look forward to more inspiring stories.

  30. This story especially resonated with me because I too moved to Texas because of my former spouse’s job. I really did not want to leave North Carolina where I had established friendships, church and employment. I knew no one when we moved here and really didn’t want to stay. My sons acclimated well, so I adjusted. I’m so glad God gave you the desire of your heart. He is so faithful.

  31. I appreciated the article as I knew I would. It was authentic and inspiring and speaks to the phenomenal Woman that you are I’m thankful I can call you Sister/Cousin. You are truly Godsgirl.

  32. I love this quote:

    “Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.”
    – J. Philip Everson

    The story of your journey is truly beautiful. I love it because it’s a wonderful demonstration of what God does when He wants to stretch you or make you grow. He makes you comfortable.

    It’s in those uncomfortable seasons, those uncomfortable circumstances, that He refines us, and makes us dependent on Him. Being uncomfortable as a believer means getting a front row seat to see God do some of His best work in our lives as well as in the lives of others.

    God positions His people in uncomfortable situations before positioning them in their purpose. We are all so blessed for your season of uncomfortability Cheryl and you finding your purpose.

  33. What a heartwarming, relatable chapter in your life story Cheryl. So glad you found each other. It’s truly confirmation that God always has a ram in the bush for us!

  34. Beautiful reflection on God’s timing as well as the magic of “soul” connections. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Thank you for sharing this lovely reminder of the value of relationships, love and the power of friends that become family. How wonderful that you two actually are family. God’s plan is always the best plan.

  36. This article is right on time. Since the passing of my mother I’ve become closer to my cousin that I used to babysit. Thank you for writing this article, it is right on time and just the season for reconnecting ❤️

  37. As a Navy wife, the many moves often put distance between friends and family. God always provided that unexpected sister friend in each duty station building a village of amazing women across the world. When my Mother Passed in 2015 it was that village that provided unwavering love and strength.

  38. People enter your life for a reason or season . Letting individuals be in their truth allows relationship to blossom and love without walls .sometimes friendships are more than a family because you don’t get to choose family but friends is by choice . I am glad I choose to love and be loved by my good friend Cheryl, I am becoming a better woman because of her words of wisdom and unconditional love and most important her prayers on me !!

  39. Thank you for this! Sometimes I forget that sisterhood is whomever you choose and bond with. Not just family. God sends who we NEED.

  40. This article is so relatable! Thank you Cheryl for sharing parts of your journey with us. I can definitely relate about sister cousins. I have one too!

  41. Such a beautiful reminder of the need for genuine, loving connections with our sisters, cousins, and friends. A great reminder to cherish and foster these relationships.

  42. I love this story. But more importantly Won’t He do it!! Yes He will. We serve an amazing God. We learn something new about Him everyday. He does answer prayers. Praise God!!

  43. What an awesome story of love that went from friendship to cousins! Nobody but God! He gives us our hearts desires when we are obedient to him! Continue to be God’s girl! Your are amazing!

  44. Wow, Dr. Cheryl, just wow!

    What an enthralling and mesmerizing piece. It resonated with me in many ways leaving an indelible impact on me.

    It brings to mind my own myriad emotions experienced after my recent relocation.

    Moving from New Jersey to North Carolina one year ago, was fraught with mixed emotions for me as well.

    Sister to sister, thank you for sharing your story with us, Dr. Cheryl.
    It blessed me.

    I desire to say more now, but I’m about to make another move . . . I’m going back to read your story again.

    Contessah is not the only one you poured into. Today you poured into me. My re-reading your article will help assure me I don’t miss a drop.

    Keep pouring, Dr. Cheryl, just keep pouring.

  45. Cheryl,

    I absolutely love this story. God is gracious to bring us together during this life’s journey. I love and adore you precious sister and friend.

  46. Dr. Cheryl, thank you for sharing your story of love and sisterhood!! The encouraging words let us know we won’t stay in the valley and God provides ALL our needs in HIS perfect timing

  47. This just blessed me. I remember when my husband and I moved to NC in 2003 I was so homesick. I think I cried for two years. It wasn’t until I started my business in 2005 and began networking that I too began feeling comfortable. I still don’t have family here other than my immediate, but I’ve made some amazing friends.

  48. Look at God. What a beautiful story! Dr Cheryl, you have me in tears…absolutely heartwarming….heartfelt….. beautiful tears. A powerful word of encouragement and a steadfast reminder that God is deliberate and intentional concerning his children.

  49. Beautiful. I’m always amazed at how God cares about every little detail of our lives and longs to grant us the desires of our hearts.

  50. Cheryl,

    There is nothing like the bond of genuine sisterhood. I do not have biological sisters, however, God connected me to a few women who are my sisters from the heart .
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  51. As an only child . I can relate to the meaning of sister/friend. I often let them know, that God surrounded me by his beautiful Angels and I named them Sisters.

    Thank you for this reminder to let the people who rally for me, know how important they are to my life.


  52. What a wonderful reminder that God is working on our behalf in ways we can’t even imagine or expect! SO happy that you found another sister!

  53. Wow! Magnificent story! I felt the same way when I left Tennessee for Georgia in 2016. I had no friends here and a few family members who didn’t live close but lived in Georgia. It was and still is very hard for me because all my friends and close family are back home. I plan to move back to Tennessee when I retire in a couple of years.

  54. Such a beautiful story of how God always has a plan when we trust His process and timing. Two beautiful hearts joined through the spirit.

    My sister and cousin two jewels connected by heart and blood.

  55. Get story! Yes, God does give us the desires of our heart in his timing. Your story made we think of my cousin who I became close to after two losses in my life. She is more than a cousin. She is my sister and friend.

  56. Cheryl, What a lovely heart warming story. Although I must say having met you many years ago in New Jersey you have that special aura about you that just draws people to you. It is easy to feel connect with you and develop a bond. But thank you for writing the story – it warmed my heart. Tomi

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