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Dr. Alisha Reed is a licensed pharmacist and a widow mom who believes that self-care is non-negotiable. She is the creator of the lifestyle brand FLY with Alisha Reed, moderates a widow support group, and hosts The Fly Widow Podcast.

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  1. Sisterhood has taught me that it’s a support that’s genuinely happy for each other’s success. Unwavering support and being there for one another during the tough times but also those you can run to when you need a good laugh.

  2. I did not attend an HBCU nor did I pledge a sorority. However, when my sons started elementary schoolI met an awesome group of women. We met as strangers, became friends due to our common denominator…out sons and now…we are Family! We have been through life’s ups and downs with each other. ; births, marriages, miscarriages. Divorces, birthdays, deaths. We hang out, we do girls’ weekend.We text, we call. When our children were in school , we looked out for each other’s child. So, in a way we have formed our own sisterly bonf, our own sorority and it is beautiful.

  3. I read your post with great pride! My mother pinned me here in a chapter in Southern California. Once moving back to the area (I was an active member for a number of years due to my husband’s military career). I returned to the area. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints I have not been active. However when my mother passed (silver star), I received numerous cards and phone calls. The support was truly appreciated 💕💕. AkA sisters do not just wear the pink and green we help each other and are very active in the community!

  4. Sisterhood means always having someone there for you. Good times and bad times but we are always there for each other. It’s a bond that last a lifetime.

  5. Excellent article Soror. The sisterhood is real.

    I crossed in 1975 and my line Sisters and I will celebrate 50 years of Sisterhood in 2025.

    After graduating from college we moved all over the USA as we went about the business of pursuing our careers, earning additional degrees and traveling the world.

    Over the almost 50 years we have celebrated each others wins, cheered each other on through relationships, weddings, breakups and divorces. We have both rejoiced together in the births of our children and grands and we have consoled each at the loss of our parents and siblings.

    I will be celebrating my 70th birthday 20 days before my 50th AKAversary and my greatest Joy will be celebrating bot milestones with my Sands, my Lifetime Sisters.

  6. Thanks for sharing Dr. Reed. I am also a soror who resided in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. It is my home and I graduated from Dillard University with a major in Nursing in 1976. Having lived on the west coast as well as many different cities in the south and north, Sisterhood is in all places. I am a reactivated golden soror, and I will do everything I can to recommit my own life to service to help others and sisterhood in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Epsilon Omicron Omega Chapter.

  7. You are a bright light in our sisterhood Soror. May sisterhood and service forever be or goal. We Help Each Other for We Know There’s No Other Like Our Sisterhood🩷💚!

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