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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I recently hit the reset button on life at age 60. No where near where I dreamed I would be. It’s been hard but I wake up everyday, pray, and go to work. Hoping, praying, and believing this is a moment. Your story demonstrates that point.

  2. Look at you. What a success story! So proud of you. I finished in accounting, but I don’t have children. I have so much admiration for people who finish school with children. You all have some type of “Super Hero” Power. You didn’t let anything stop you – not lack of daycare, eviction, or lack of transportation. I like that you took a few days off to think things through. It may have seemed like you had lost a job, but what could not be seen at the time is that you were actually winning – walking into a new destiny. Thanks for sharing- giving us hope in all we face.

  3. What an amazing story of triumph and resilience. I am not sure where you faith comes in to play but this is truly a story of victory.

  4. I am glad you did not quit. You have a child to care for and you didn’t give up or in. You sought the help and you made it. Thank you for find you and believing you.

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