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J.D. Parks enjoys exploring the Black female experience in cross-genre fiction and non-fiction. She’s Assistant professor of English at an HBCU in the Mid-South. When not writing, reading, or performing, J.D is relaxing with family and sipping a tall glass of strawberry lemonade.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Truth! I am so glad to hear that you chose you. Every Woman should choose herself before she can love/care for another. This is the long, hard decision I made when accepting Divorce as my end for a one-sided marriage to a Man, I loved dearly but he had serious childhood issues which lead to alcohol/drug addiction; therefore he picked me apart day by day and rocked my World sexually IF he was home at night. Control. Finally Gods Divine Grace spoke to me with this simple question “who were you before this relationship?”
    Created In HIS Image-CIHI

  2. Thank you so very much for your honesty and for openly sharing my life experiences from childhood up to the present day. I elected not to trade my values of who I am to be a cool kid. Speaking and living truth sets one apart. I learn still.

  3. Well written cause I too have lived that same life as a child into adult life I realized people I thought were my friends were not. As an older adult I no longer put those old friends on my priority list and enjoy the friendships I have with coworkers and their friends, travel friends and family.

    • Sis, you are preaching to the choir. I’m STILL having to choose me, even well into adulthood. Thank you for reading! 🤎

  4. First thing first, you have a great therapist! Secondly, I adore how you stayed true to yourself!! Even with the thought of “I wasn’t enough” you never change to become “enough”! That’s powerful! In a world of adapting, you remain true to yourself even if it caused you so much in regards to the bullying and the struggle of having/keeping friends. The one thing that stayed consistent was your loyalty to who you are,and I appreciate that! This was good and I love how vivd you were! I felt like I experienced this with you causing me to become thirsty for more!!! Soooooo Part 2 me PLEASSSSEEEE!

  5. This is EXCELLENT and SO personally relatable! Thank you for sharing your story! It has inspired me tremendously!

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