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Kennesha Buycks is the creator of Restoration House, a home and lifestyle brand focusing on creating soulful spaces that speak to the restorative aspects of home. A Southern transplant to the PNW, she is passionate about connection and encouraging others to live life with unique passion and purpose.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Your story caught my eye while I was procrasting getting ready to leave my home for my first speaking engagement this year. It connected so deeply, that a tear leaked out my eye before my brain had an opportunity to gather the understanding of why. I’m heading out, although I want to read this again. Thank you for your tips to help stay focused on God’s purposes.

  2. Beautifully written. I saw a reflection of myself in your words. At times, I find myself being the “bus” that needs to move out of the way in order for me to move forward in doing the things I should be doing.

  3. Beautifully expressed. So heart warming and inspiring to be reminded that we are not alone in whatever our condition or circumstance might be.

  4. I look over my journal from months and years ago, pray all through the day, and cry my eyes out, then, I read the Bible, and pray all over again. And sometimes, I call my a friend or two for prayer. I’m struggling these past few months because I am being REALLY TESTED, and I hope I pass. I’m doing my best not to look at the situation but look to God for strength.

  5. This was so relatable! Thank you for sharing your tips on how to not allow perfectionism and procrastination to lead your life!
    I’m currently learning how to do this and I’ve found that I just have to do and not second guess myself.
    Just do

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