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Ekemini Uwan is a public theologian and co-host of Truth’s Table Podcast. Her writings have been published in The Atlantic, Washington Post, Huffington Post Black Voices and her insights have been quoted by NPR, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Yorker.

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  1. I recall some people complained about wearing mask, getting immunized and social distancing ( it didn’t make sense with so many deaths attributed to COVID). I felt our country put the responsibility of individual’s health on them. We still have COVID in addition to RSV and flu season.
    Everyone, please take care of yourselves and take the necessary precautions.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Thanks for the reflection. I agree, I wear my mask in any kind of travel and in stores that seem to have a high customer count at the time I’m there. I always look at it from a “keeping others safe” perspective, especially seniors. I love your measure of importance for attendance- faith, family, vocation. I still avoid large crowds for entertainment though. Haven’t been back to a movie theater yet. Happy Holidays and continued safety to all.

  3. There is seriously still tension for me because I’m 72 years young with underlying health issues. High BP, Diabetes, Enlarged Heart Wall. So you can imagine I am very careful to protect myself and others. I’m due for my next Booster as we speak and will get it. I’m so Thankful to God to still be here, in the Earth. He is A Very Good Father! Thank You Abba! 🙌❤🙌

  4. Due to my disability I had already been limited as to where I could go, so when covid came along I had no problem staying inside for extended periods of time. I never went anywhere without my mask. My daughter started making masks. Even after having my vaccinations and my 1st booster I still wore my masks everywhere, even to answer my front door for delivery people who never wear masks. I had my 2nd booster on Dec 4th the day prior to my birthday and even with that extra shield I am still uncomfortable, so I continue to be one of the few who continue to wear my mask and I will probably always wear it as covid is worse here than earlier in the year. Many people are still dying from covid and even more are sick with it daily. I tell everyone who say they don’t wear one that I choose to live so I wear mine.

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