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Kedrin Bell is a mother, sister, and friend from Houston, TX. She is a project professional who breaks up the monotony of her day job with creating beautiful pictures and words.

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  1. Ooooo, Kedrin, thank you for sharing your story. This resonated so much and in such a beautiful way. I understand those dragons you’ve slayed. That kind of inner work is not for the faint of heart. I admire your courage and tenacity. Hugging and fist bumping you in your triumph!

    • The work?! NOT AT ALL for the faint of heart, whew! But the reward is so much worth it especially if you can sow into someone you love. Hugging you back!

  2. Thank you so much, Kedrin Bell for the refreshing approach to honest reflections of intentional and thorough introspective evaluations.

    Years ago, I learned (theoretically) intention as the result, which shows up — understanding in a way relative to the theory of a subject or area of study rather than its practical application.

    Over time, glimpses would show up from time-to-time in ways to support, observe and confirm relative results, with outcomes proving-out what I had understood — according to theory rather than experience or practice.

    Your entertaining life-story, “Raising them and Raising Me” is spot-on in getting to the heart of the practical applications and matters of the heart. Over the course of time and at this particular present time, your story out-resonates now more for me at this present time than the previous and readily available theories and practicalities.

    Thank you “Mahogany” for spotlighting Black stories to pierce theories and dilute attributions to affect or appeal to more in a personal or emotional way — as Kedrin weaved her mother’s storyline throughout, “Your children are who you are when you have them.”

    • If only we could appreciate the wisdom of our mothers from the outset! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

  3. I was there!!!! We loved rules together, they certainly made me feel safe from unnecessary error. Thanks for sharing your heart friend!! Happy writing!

    • FRIEND! A time we had in the growing and raising of these boys and ourselves! Thank you in ways words can’t express for being a co-conspirator! Love ALWAYS!

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