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Candice “Ordered Steps” Johnson is an award-winning choreographer, author, editor, and speaker! Candice has choreographed for a 4-time Emmy award-winning television program, is Dance Ministry Magazine’s Living Legend Icon and International Pen honoree, DFW Gospel Author honoree, and Path to Publishing’s 2021 Editor of the Year.

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  1. I too think my pics appear awkward and unflattering, but am realizing they are memories in the making and if not captured will be gone forever.

  2. This hit home like a hard brick, after battling sarcoidosis for over six year I gained about 100lbs from the steroids and have felt unattractive every since. No one else seems to think so, my husband, my children even strangers. But I’ve noticed that I have disappeared from family and social photos, always the one volunteering to take the pictures instead of being in them. But, I am learning that it’s not the weight that made people want to be in my presence, it was my personality and charisma. I am slowly returning back to photos and believing I am beautiful enough to even be in the front. My self esteem is returning to a level where even if I’m the thickest person there, I am beautiful and worthy to be in the photo. Thank you for this

  3. This was a beautiful article. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read it. Candice is a beautiful woman whom I never would have guessed endured these struggles. This article affirms we all fight battles, but each battle can be won. I can apply this article to my own life in so many areas. Thank you Mahogany and Candice.

  4. What a beautiful story! We all feel unworthy at times. Keep pushing on, asking God to show you who He intended you to be. God makes no mistakes!

  5. Thank you so much for this. Long story short as they say.. I am so happy but again so sad… My sadness is about me only. I have not seen me beautiful in years.. I rarely look in the mirror as I hate how I look. I try to feel better but …… I have my family whom I love so much and when I’m with them happy..

  6. WOW!!! Is like you speaking directly to my soul. The articulation of message is breathe taking. I love watching your journey of elevation. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!

  7. Beautiful article that I so much related to. We all have insecurities we deal with as women specifically black women. This article was a reminder that we’re not alone in our daily struggles. Loved it!

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