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For Eniola Abioye, words are everything. Through songwriting, children’s books, creative multi-media collaborations, and poetry, she crafts authentic, word-based content from her heart. In addition to writing, Eniola is a touring worship leader. She is passionate about changing the narrative for young people of color and empowering them to share...

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  1. all good points. the best and most memorable are those spontaneous with those who consciously chose to share their time and being with us. yes, licking our wounds on what coulda shoulda is wisdom and consummate self care. this was a reminder to savor the peace and joy of the moments of our lives.

  2. For me it’s being okay that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s peace in itself. Focusing on what’s really important vs the perfection of the thing and enjoy the moments that are right in front of me…That’s peace all the way around.

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