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Danielle Nottingham has traveled the globe covering pivotal stories of our time as a CBS correspondent. From the death of Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama's run for President, debates, primaries, NFL coverage, red carpets, and hosting entertainment news and lifestyle on NBC--she's done it all.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish. I’m glad I’m a speed reader because I sped through reading so quickly I couldn’t wait to hear the ending!
    This was a beautiful love story which exemplifies what true love is composed of, what good stock is and what unconditional love is. Please continue to share more real stories such as this! I can’t wait to read the next one!

  2. Thoughly enjoyed reading this synopsis and it reminded me of the days when I grew up in the Berkeley section of Norfolk across the water from Hampton. I guess you could say their are similarities to the story and my upbringing and I also became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman at Norfolk State!

  3. So true with parents. My parents have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. All of us are educated and beam with their love. We took a family cruise and we had four generations all loving, supporting, and encouraging each other.

  4. Ok, this is the very first of these to bring me to tears. As aside, I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Pink teas Rose’s to your grandmother and my soror. I totally understand the different ways our grandparents found to connect with us. The way they expressed or shared their live and pride. I am thankful that I learned to recognize what their intentions were so that they didn’t feel as if I had outgrown my heritage. I feel that masterpiece is a work in progress. My desire is to leave visual moments that demonstrated my love and understanding for each of my sons and my grandchildren uniquely.

    Thank you for this beautiful story. Your grandparents were a handsome couple.

    • Evalyne! I’m so happy their story touched you Soror!! In the world of cellphones and social media, we forget how important it is to have something you can actually touch. Thank you for reading!

  5. Black heritage is so rich, Danielle, and I find that it’s the norm for most of our families. I’m proud to identify with what you’ve written. So far my masterpiece consists of educated, professional children who are never too busy for hubby and me (but we do entice them with home cooking). AND our 3 year old grandson who won’t let his grandfather out of his sight. Yours is a beautiful story!

  6. Danielle, this was an absolutely exquisite story. As your grandparents are no longer with us, I will frame and preserve this masterpiece in their honor as I know they would have done.

    As a part of your masterpiece, I am so proud and blessed to be your mother and Tom was proud and blessed to be your dad.

  7. Thank you for sharing the love story of your grandparents and the pictures. It was real, down to earth, loving and touching story.

  8. What a beautiful love story! Ironically I met you Hampton at a summer program and always knew you had the face for television. We shared some great memories with your dad at King’s Dominion and still have that VHS tape of us singing Weak by SWV. The story of your grandparents know true love exits and is a treasure if you find it. Thank you for sharing their story.

    • Hey Davitra! OMG. I remember everything!!! I would love to see that VHS footage! I still have photos of us and your sister in that Hampton dorm. Thank you so much for reading this! xo

  9. Hello Danielle, this was such a beautiful piece! Your grandparents were gorgeous! I have lived in Virginia for over 40 years and their story and the painting took me right back to some of that time. I used to live not far from Hampton University. Condolences on the loss of your grandparents and your dad. I know they are beaming with pride as your mom previously stated.

    • Linnea, I’m so happy to hear that! I had no idea how much this story would connect with others. Feeling blessed. Thank you for reading!

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