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Taylor’s compassion extends beyond the bedside. Balancing marriage, motherhood, and nursing, she blogs eloquently about her experiences. Her words resonate—offering solace and connection, and reflecting a profound commitment to healing both in and out of the hospital.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing. I too work in the medical field although not a nurse. In my mid 40’s now at my job for 24yrs it does and has takin its toll but to recognize it & make a change is powerful.

  2. I’m over here air hugging you AND your partner … you, for doing the brave thing by listening to your body and making a different choice, and your partner, for loving you by affirming your courage. I pray you continue to find joy and peace on your continued journey ahead, 🤎

  3. Taylor, i am so proud i of you for not allowing the negative voice to produce a life of regrets !!!
    Keep living !!

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