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Faitth Brooks is a social worker, speaker, writer, and podcaster. Formed in the Christian tradition and Black liberation theology, Faitth uses her platform to enliven her following for collective liberation centering on the sisterhood of black women. Faitth is crafting communal space where rest, tenderness, and softness are commonplace for...

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  1. I have forever thought that my mom was the smartest, gifted, and realest woman I know. As a little girl I was so appreciative of what she did for me and my siblings. She raised us mostly by herself. Our dad (her husband) was a Merchant Seaman and was gone for long periods throughout the years. She taught us, loved us and showered us with knowledge. I lost this great woman on March 4, 2021. OMG I miss her! We did so many things together. She was so smart. She was a master seamstress, a gifted soloist, an awesome crochet guru, a great cook, and most of all a great mother and grandmother! I miss her terribly but I stay grateful for all that she has taught me and for having her in my life for 62 years. She died at 82 years old. I think of her every waking day. Mary Jackson Smith you are the greatest of all time!

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