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K. Joseph is a wife and mother of two young men. She is an activator who melds people engagement, process change and solution deployment. She believes meaningful interaction boosts engagement and culture. K grew up in San Juan, Trinidad and now lives and works in New York.

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  1. I love your Mahogany cards. However, the drugstore I patronize doesn’t carry enough of them. Discount Drug Mart (Sheffield Village) here in NE Ohio, carries all Hallmark brand cards. I’ve asked for more cards nothing has yet. Maybe for Mother’s day! Thank you 😊 for Mahogany!!

    • Sharon, you are so right! I have a teen son and often think about this idea of ‘voice’. I encourage him to listen twice and speak once based on what he knows and feels.

  2. That was such a beautiful story. It was so inspiring! I pray that you use this talent to encourage the youth so that they will identify their gifts early so that they do not use their valuable time working on something that is not their purpose in life. Be that Teacher!😊

    • Oh, Elizabeth. I do try to inspire young and not so young too! As well, I continue to learn and grow myself. I am constantly flowing with life and love.

  3. This was beautiful and accurate. Only the creator can define what He created. You were operating in a desire that was not your gift. But thankfully you heard the voice inside of you that told you what you would do. This is true for so many of us. I decided years ago that I would be either a beautician or physician because they would always have jobs. That was not my gift. I am a problem solver and creator. While I am doctor, just not a medical doctor, I am operating in my gifts. I love who God created me to be while admiring my friends are gifted physicians.

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