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Teresa is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a writer, editor, theater director, and creative collaborator. Teresa sees all of her work—across genres and disciplines—as an opportunity to help people say what they mean.

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  1. This person’s journey is very close to mine. I did not flee Christianity, rather GOD/Allah coaxed me toward the next step after. I have been Muslim for 46 years and never regretted my decision. I encourage her to pray that ALLAH guides and strengthens her to accept all HIS commands and to manifest her faith in all ways. I pray that she will be an example for others to follow to the path of Islam. 🙏🏼♥️🌺🤲🏼

  2. Every single thing about this-every single line is me, my words. Except that it has been over 30 years since I took my shahadah and I have worn the hijaab ever since.

  3. What a beautiful description of your journey! Thank you for sharing. I am a Christian by my religion, but I also embraced your view of God. He is everywhere and he is for everyone. We can go directly to Him. Peace & Blessings!

  4. Thank you for sharing. God bless you on this journey. I have been at many crossroads in my life but it never involved changing my faith. I can’t imagine the internal conflicts this may have caused for you. My crossroads were bearable because of my faith. Again, thank you for sharing. Peace and grace unto you.

  5. This is a powerful piece! My favorite line “but I know that God is everywhere including the liminal space of indecision…”. Yes yes, once we know this we can rest on the arms of God/Allah.

    The path to deep connection, past “faith” alone is full with all of these nuances and contrasting/clarifying experiences. Thank you for such a transparent offering. I relate completely.

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