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Shynieka is a TV Personality Host seen on E!, TMZ, and Revolt and is a force to be reckoned with. Shynieka currently resides in LA and inspires everyone to unlock their fullest potential.

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  1. I completely agree with Shynieka’s stancd on this subject. Money is important, but true bonds will keep you afloat even if the money were to stop flowing. I also loved the quote from the BMF actor hit it on the head when she said sisterhood is sacred. True bonds are spiritual and weigh allot more than a Gucci belt.

    • True Bonds are spiritual and weight alot more than a Gucci Belt is so hilarious. Great Quote. Thanks for reading!

  2. Great points made here…. Unfortunately, as millennials we have been in a constant battle for our lives since 2001 lol…. But I do hope we are able to find much more solace in our relationships and partnerships in nearer times!

  3. “Money can’t buy you happiness…well neither can poverty” i felt that so deeply. Also, def loved Christine’s pov. Hope to see more of her acting. Loved this article.

  4. Please don’t say pay for air too loud because Los Angeles may hear you and get some ideas! Being in LA takes money and genuine connections. None of the fake stuff where you just want something. Actually pour into your brothers and sisters like you’re supposed to. Bomb article I detect, zero lies!

  5. I’ll start by saying I love Christine Horn, I find her to be a good actress with a promising caree ahead of her. Now with that being said, this piece hits very close to home, living in LA county I can relate. It is well written, passionate and has a lot of truth. Well done and I look forward to reading more.

  6. Absolutely love this! Thank you for shedding light on this topic. I’m a huge fan of Christine Horn and love the fact that you were able to humanize her character as it relates to the everyday individual. Amazing read!

  7. Love this article. I pride myself in being the best version of myself so that I can be the best version for others and that simply means that I want to be exactly how I want others to be towards me. I value authenticity and friendships. I believe it’s enough room at the table for everyone to eat and you don’t have to sit at the kids table.

    I’m “Old School” and from Chicago too though. We move different and I don’t trust easy nor do I just allow anyone into my circle. But when you have my trust, I’m loyal and don’t trip if we go a minute without talking. I want to see everyone win.

    • Detroiter here and I felt, ” we move different, I don’t trust easy nor allow just anyone into my circle…..” I felt that in my core!!!

  8. Wow an amazing article. Thanks for interviewing Christine and I’m happy to hear her response lol. Her acting is excellent because I wanted nothing to do with her.

    Sisterhood is very important and so is self esteem.

  9. Love reading this!!! Everything is a positive connection. Every interaction is worthy of attention – even if it seems so minute.

  10. Shy is the perfect journalism for this job, her work ethic and wittiness would adds great value to this article and many other stories she has written and will continue to write!

  11. Great asricle! Shy is the perfect journalism for this job, her work ethic and wittiness adds great value to this article and many other stories she has written and will continue to write!

  12. I feel platonic and romantic relationships are important due to the fact that they both play different roles.

    Platonic relationships are important because your real friends will always want you to succeed and be truthful to you in the event of the way you’re moving. Whether good or bad move, your friends should be able to keep it real with you.

    Romantic relationships are also important because your mate will always pick you up and show love on your best and worst days.

    Both relationships are important in my book in order to be successful.

  13. This article was absolutely amazing! I want to see more like these in the future really kept my attention making me want to find out more!

  14. whew, I moved back to my home state recently and experiencing the city I grew up in as a different person than I left it has been interesting. The relationships I’ve been building are completely changing the trajectory of my life! which Is why I loved what Christine said about self love. My relationship with the city has changed, but so has my relationship with self, and that in return has changed the way I nurture my relationships & how they reflect back to me. if you feel good, you do good — and if you put good in, you get good out. Mable could do with some more good in her life!!! ahahah love BMF

  15. LOVE LOVE this article! All facts!
    I love when Christine mentioned that her character lacked self love because this is true. When people are lost and don’t love themselves they don’t care who they hurt along the way. So happy she was interviewed because she did so well in her role it was hard not to hate her lmao! ❤️

  16. This is such a relevant article for so many reasons. Self love is a theme that’s spreading and not fast enough in my opinion but I think it’s powerful that Christine was able to gain that insight through the portrayal of a character who lacked it. There truly is something to be learned from everything and everyone around us. This article did a great job of reminding us of that. Keep dropping these gems!

  17. This article was a gift to read. Not only do I adore Christine Horn and I totally agree with her view on her character lacking self love, likewise I know for a fact that there is, indeed a blessing in real pure sisterhood. This article need to go viral, it’s so necessary for this generation who tends to “love things and use people and not the other way around.” Great work Shy

  18. It’s crazy how powerful money is in modern society that some are willing to sacrifice genuine support and love just to never feel poor. Making genuine connections can be difficult enough.

  19. This was goood – Thanks so much for covering this topic because it NEEDS to be addressed; people have truly lost sight of the things that really matter and their are no standards of humanity, care, and dignity .. What’s funny is that I literally just had a conversation this morning with my mentor/business partner about how far you can go with relationships vs without .. Even with all the money in the world, without someone Genuine , Loyal and routed and grounded in Christ to share it with – there is no Happiness , there’s no peace.

  20. I have grown to learn relationships are so important both romantic and platonic ones. When I was new to LA I felt like I lost my safety net. I went from living 10 minutes from my dearest sisters to across the country. I started to feel like that was it for me. I felt bad for reaching out because of time differences, different paths but I was deeply empty. Unknowingly, both ends felt this and quickly realized it was stupid and we needed each other equally. I make it a point to check in with my friends not only for my own sanity but for theirs. I get to express my professional stressors to my sisters and it remains in a safe space.

    • This was very well written!! I like how you touched every point. Extremely valid & descriptive. Someone needs a promotion!

  21. This article is on point. Back home in Atlanta, it is a known fact that your network is your Net-worth. Relationships are more important than money and social credit could save your life one day. I feel like if more people saw it that way, less relationships would be destroyed by money. I love this show, Everyone can get something from it.

  22. GREAT! Here’s our voice, speaking up and speaking out for so many that can’t or won’t. We need this. This was much needed. Christine Horn You Rock!

  23. What a talented writer. You brought this reader along with you and reminded him that no matter how bad things may be at the moment, someone who could help may be a phone call away. You and this exceptional actress both know the value of human relationships that can help provide the strength and stamina to reach goals. Keep getting better!

  24. Great Article! Christine is a good actress and it’s good she gave a deep perspective about having real personal relationships with others.Healthy relationships are key nowadays for people’s mental health!

  25. Sisterhood is a powerful concept that has been celebrated throughout history. It represents a bond between women that goes beyond biological ties, and it encompasses shared experiences, mutual support, and a deep sense of connection. I loved what Christine shared, “Sisterhood is a sacred bond, a safe incubator of trust, vulnerability, and unconditional love.”

    The idea of sisterhood is rooted in the recognition that women face unique challenges and obstacles in their lives. By joining forces, they can provide each other with a sense of solidarity and strength that is unparalleled. Sisterhood offers a safe space where women can express their true selves without fear of judgment or rejection.

    One of the most significant aspects of sisterhood is the sense of belonging that it provides. Women who are part of a sisterhood know that they are not alone in the world, and they have a network of support that they can rely on. This sense of belonging is particularly important for women who may feel isolated or marginalized in other areas of their lives.

    Plus, sisterhood offers an opportunity for personal growth and development. Through interactions with other women, one can learn new perspectives, acquire new skills, and develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding. This kind of growth is essential for personal and professional success, and it is only possible through the support and encouragement of other women.

    I agree that money and status are important to one’s survival, but sisterhood is a powerful force that has the potential to transform the lives of women. As Christine eloquently put it, sisterhood is a sacred bond that offers a safe incubator of trust, vulnerability, and unconditional love. Through sisterhood, women can find a sense of belonging, support, and personal growth that is unmatched by any other bond.

  26. This article is literally capturing the essence of my company and how we help other artists elevate and get to their bag at the same time. However, You do have to watch out for individuals who are only self-serving. As Christine Horne said, “Mable lacked self-love”. Having an actress like Christine Horne educate us on why she felt characters in our show act out in certain ways is educational for audiences… because unfortunately it’s not a fictional story at all.

  27. This is really telling it like it is. Even in 1980s BMF you see not much has changed. You can fumble the bag but you can’t fumble people. QUALITY relationships are not transactional.

  28. Oh I’m definitely going to leave a comment! The writer of this article hit it right on the head!!! She said it so simply and straight! I love this women! I don’t usually have time to read articles but I make time for this author right here! Every time I read one of her articles, I’m just floored at how well she articulate her wholesome thoughts and beliefs. These words needed to be said. Keep them coming, Shy Shy!

  29. Wow! I loved the realness of this article!!! I’m a huge fan of Christine and the author of this article really wrote it beautifully! I’m excited to see more of this!

  30. Love this article the Arthur definitely hit it right on the head!! I love reading this authors articles. They’re all very interesting and attention grabbing and I’m not in a big reader, but I love reading articles from this author.!!❤️

  31. This was such a great read and spot on the nose I do believe in treating people properly which could in turn be the maker or breaker for a lot of business deals. I truly see your prospective.

  32. I absolutely loved this article and couldn’t agree more with the perspective on the value of money. I always appreciate thoughtful insights and thank you for sharing such an inspiring piece!

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