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Mahogany is the spot where we protect one another in our vulnerabilities, praise each other’s power, and amplify one another’s voices.

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  1. I love this my sister. You poured all of the melanin in your writing. It richly Blessed me and is stirring me to move forward. Funny! I have desired to step out and pour my writing into others as well!!! I was reading my emails and saw the green light or at least the symbol next to the Mahogany message had a green light that captured my attention. I had written on my calendar several months ago to submit a writing sample. Thank you for this empowering story.

  2. AWE-INSPIRING! Your journey is real and relatable. And what you said about the post you saw on Facebook that said something like, post anyway, even if you don’t get any likes. I’ve come to learn that lesson well…and do it, too!

  3. Beautifully stated, I loved every answer to these intelligent questions. As someone who is self-employed, I identify with the ‘grind’ and the daily challenges. I was extremely touched by Ardean’s tribute to her parents. Lovely article !

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