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C J Johnson is a retired clinical psychologist, Self-Care Coach, and author of 'Wombology.' She aligns with her soul's assignment by helping others fall in love with their journey. She strives to stay open to what the Universe sends her and allows others to do the same.

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  1. Beautiful. I can relate. I lost my dad March 39, 1985, Mom passed away March 39, 2018. I will always wonder did he come to get her.

    • Susan, thank you. We did have a beautiful life. And I’m going to say yes your Dad probably did come for her. Our son Roddy came for his Dad because my husband kept seeing Roddy.

  2. What a wonderful story of love, grief and the reality that we have to decide the life we want to live despite the challenges we face. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Whew Sistah, I admire your strength and faith in the midst of grief! Thank you for sharing your story and continue to find and live the lessons.
    Peace & Blessings

    • Thank you for the peace and blessings I will put them in my pocket to use as needed. My faith and Spirit’s love keeps me striving for more and to celebrate our 50 years of more good times than bad.

  4. Thank you – I have not had those experiences of death of a “Loved One”, I am forturnate to still have my parents both 88 years old. I am getting my health in order so I can start traveling more and getting my passport stamped.

    • Denise, you’re welcome. You are so blessed to NOT have experienced a death that rearranges your world. I am blessed that my Mom is still alive at age 88. Self-care is not an option nor is it selfish.

  5. What a beautiful and touching story about a special and endless love. By God’s grace you has been strengthened and endured the challenges of life. I was deeply moved by your story.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It was meant for me to read it today to remind me that although life may bring us pitfalls, as long as we have life in our bodies, we can still keep moving, and still keep living out our dreams.

  7. You documented your journey beautifully. I pray that you continue to live your life unapologetically. I am learning to do the same. God bless you on this next leg of your journey.

    • Evalyne, thanks your kind words mean a lot. I receive your prayers and will keep them close. Unapologetically was my word for 2022. This year it’s ‘striving’ and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

  8. Your story was uplifting. We lost our oldest son at age 33 in 2008, very unexpected. I too was married in 1972 to my forever love. Unfortunately we lasted 40 years, divorced, then he too passed away a few days after our divorce.
    I continue to celebrate my son’s life and his memory. My adult children do the same for their father. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cheryll, I’m glad I could uplift you in your loss of your forever love and your son. I remember asking why my son, and Spirit replied, “You had your son one year longer than Mary had Jesus.” Also, what helps me is knowing that love does not die, it is forever. You’re welcome.

  9. Oh my word somethings you are just meant to experience and timing is everything…. I needed to read this and I needed to read it today. All I know is this was my favorite entry because it was inspirational but most of all it is a testament to how your good moments are attached to such sorrow to help you heal. Although she spoke of the heartache of loss she didn’t leave us sad because she mostly spoke about the joy. The absolute joy of living this life that isn’t continuous happiness but definitely filled with pockets of joy.

    • Summer, I’m glad I could fulfill your need tuuudday! Your kind words really fill my heart space with softness and joy, Thank you.

      BTW: I’m stealing your phrase filled with pockets of joy, so don’t be mad (♥)

  10. Wow this was a powerful story. You’re a great storyteller too. I don’t know how but I feel like I do. I’m hopeful you still find joy inside, in the midst of the pain you’ve faced this year. 🙏

    • Lexy, thank you storytelling is one of my joys whether it’s with my camera, garden art, or verbal art.

      I believe because Harkeif and I treated each other the way we wanted to be treated that we lived with no regrets, it makes this leg of my journey bearable.

  11. Thank you for the reminder of how precious life is, and how quickly it can change and affect our lives. But also remember the joy of pleasant memories the relationship brought and continue on the unfinished journey called life and travels.

  12. This took my breath away. Such an incredibly written and I have always lived the way you tell a story. With this one though I experienced it with you sis. We shall continue to find “pockets of joy” (Summer. ) along our grief journey together . Thanks for sharing your heart to encourage others.

    • Linda, you love/ed both Harkeif and our brother Koolman and that’s probably why it took your breath away. It’s those types of moments that remind us, that we are still alive to honor and celebrate all of life.

      You’re welcome. We’ll talk more tomorrow. Love you!

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