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Channler K. Hill earned a BA in Print Journalism from the University of Houston and a master’s in education from Johns Hopkins University. Hill is a Chips Quinn Scholar and Teach For America alumna. She lives in Dallas with her two sons Jacy and Atlas.

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  1. I’m literally giving you a standing ovation and beaming after reading your post. Really trusting and listening to our own voices is beyond important. Good for you AND for your children, sis. High-fiving and hugging you with appreciation for sharing this with us, xoxo

  2. I appreciate hearing your experience, thank you for being brave then and even braver now. Your little ones are blessed to have you!

  3. We need more authentic storytelling that empowers women to listen to their voice!

    Absolutely love!


  4. First in for most thanks for sharing this not enough Moms grandmothers women in general talk about the experience they have with birth I’ve had some trying experiences myself.Aside from that I don’t really know if at my tender age (Lol)when have I? listening to my own voice is something I battle with constantly I feel that I compromise my decisions based on circumstances and not convenience certain things I know for me it’s best I don’t because I’ve known to be impulsive but as for my children and there safety I’m not willing to jeopardize my ethics have made a big way of how I respond and knowing I’m not always sound as I get older I think ok ( overthink) everything before because I know I’m impulsive and my decisions may be a quick fix for displeasure at the time.

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