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Kecia L. Lightner is a poet and essayist, who is ready to share her words outside the pages of her journals. Along with her passion for writing and journal collecting, she is a photographer, a proud plant mom, and a museum nerd. She writes and resides in Alabama.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful yet poignant words of your childhood to adulthood relationship with your father.

    • Thank you, Barry. It is the earliest and one of the most vital relationships that instructs our future interactions for sure!

  2. Kecia,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts/talent with us. I was drawn in the entire time while reading along. This is beautifully written.

  3. So many relatable feelings are captured in this healing piece. These words let the broken know “we” are not alone and God’s plan will help to deliver “us” to a place of inner piece. There’s always a healing in the journey and “we’re” simply enough. Well done!!

    • Beautifully said, Janie! Nothing (tears, pain, frustration) shall be wasted; it all aids in our healing for sure. As you said, with God, we are never alone nor forsaken. Thank you so much for sharing the love and reading!!

  4. Cousin you did a magnificent job. As I read it felt like you had captured some if my thoughts about my donor. Loved it!!!

    • Thank you so much, Cousin!!! I am so grateful for you and glad this resonated with you. We lift each other up as on this journey and we know that “we gon be alright!”

  5. Incredible. I felt every word and sentiment. Continue your growth journey and honor the bloodline. Even in the absence of reciprocity. 💜

    • Thank you so much, Adrienne, for reading and I pray that your relationship with your farther has healed and is now filled with love and forgiveness.

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