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One of six sisters, Crystal Livers knows firsthand the strength of the bonds of sisterhood. Whether related by blood or love, she enjoys a rich circle of female friends, many of whom she's called friend for nearly 40 years.

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  1. Just wow! I am turning 52 this year and my BFF and I have been friends/soul sisters since 7th grade.

    Just as you stated, we have other friends and friends in common. But we have just one, and it’s a blessing!

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    Kertina K

  2. My BFF is Seretta and I call her friend because we have had the opportunity to become friends from a mutual family member. When either of us are in the valley we remind each other of the value in the valley and when there is joy we rejoice together. Soooo thankful for our sistahship that continues to grow even though now we are miles apart but always a FaceTime, phone or text away. There is nothing like one GREAT friend that you can count on through thick and thin. Thank you for sharing your friendship.

  3. I have a group of friends from college and we have been together for over 50 years. There is always someone in the group who listens to your story and is nonjudgmental. We have traveled together, dined together, cried and prayed together as we lifted and supported each other. We love each other unconditionally and we praise God for cementing us together!

  4. Kim. We’ve been friends since 4th grade. We’ve also experienced some of the similar highs and lows that you have. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I have several, my first best friend is gone on th heaven, but we did everything from elementary school to her passing. We visited each other wherever in the country we lived and I am still friends with her sisters. I miss her and often think about calling her. My other friend I met as a teenager and we have been though everything together. As we grow older we feel blessed to still be friends.

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