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Jamie Grace is a two-time Grammy nominated artist, host of The Jamie Grace Podcast and author of "Finding Quiet." Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Anxiety at a young age, she actively advocates for joy, wellness and mental health. Jamie Grace is a wife and mom in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. I’m praying hard for my adult children (29 & 20) because they are now experiencing the troubles of this world that were spoken about in the stories of their ancestors. As a parent, you hold on, attempt to let go, only to want to hold them close again. My lap, my arms and my prayers are open to them for as long as I breathe. And after I am no longer physically here, I hope they hold fast to those memories.

  2. as someone who is still technically a “child”, know that your daughter will appreciate all the time you’ve taken to hold her close. even after a time when it seems I’ve outgrown it, the feeling of safety I get when sleeping next to my mom will always be unmatched <3

  3. Although my children two children are adults with lives of their own,I struggled with some boundaries. My son is currently serving in the Air Force and is in Guam. His family is in Texas. Meaning my daughter in law and two grandchildren. I’m in SC,. I had to let go, because I wasn’t able to relocate with them this time around. I’ve been sort of following then since my grandson was a baby. He’ll be fifteen years old next month. The main reason of letting go was, I had to set new boundaries. It was time that I didn’t make myself so accessible. Of course I was there when my son was on deployments. My daughter in law was in school at the time. And they needed me for the children. But I became so attracted, that I couldn’t see myself without my grands, in my life. It was painful, but I’m doing better. And I can still love them from a distance, without having to be in direct company.

  4. There was a time that I had to not miss church. My belief was that I was going to be home doing nothing and what better way to spend my Sunday than at church. The pandemic hit and there was no in- person church. Then I went back to help out in limited capacity (no worshippers) except virtual but I was there to take the few essential workers vital information as the Health Coordinator every Sunday. Then my mom died unexpectedly. Then I got COVID. I had a scary recovery period. My faith in God never wavered but I realized that my rigid Sunday rituals could use some fine tuning. While I still love the Lord, my faith and christianity I have come to realize that nothing but death is permanent and I needed to do some fine tuning and the world will not end because I missed church. Praise God!!!!!!

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